What is Cross Chain Contracts? CosmWasm and IBC

What is Cross Chain Contracts? CosmWasm and IBC

Hello, CosmWasmers! Ready to build with us?Our medium article on multi chain contracts: https://medium.com/confio/a-peek-at-multi-chain-contracts-93cde6875cf...

Hello, CosmWasmers! Ready to build with us?

Our medium article on multi chain contracts: https://medium.com/confio/a-peek-at-m...

The contracts we will be demonstrating:



CosmWasm beginner pack is as below:

Documentation: https://docs.cosmwasm.com

Awesome CosmWasm: https://github.com/cosmwasm/cawesome-...

Production grade smart contracts: https://github.com/CosmWasm/cosmwasm-...

Trivial contracts: https://github.com/CosmWasm/cosmwasm-...

Testnet information: https://github.com/CosmWasm/testnets

RPC, LCD, Faucet and block-explorer information under subdirs: https://github.com/CosmWasm/testnets/...

Workshops: https://docs.cosmwasm.com/learn/video...

Software requirements for this workshop: rust: v1.55+ wasmd: https://github.com/CosmWasm/wasmd relayer: https://github.com/cosmos/relayer Make sure you install the tooling before the event.

The CosmWasm Discord Chat: https://discord.com/invite/cPjEnPd

We intend to make this series of workshops INTERACTIVE, which means YOUR participation matters. We will set up such that anyone can be on the stage and have an open Q&A time, sharing things with the attendees.

Thanks for watching!

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