Building a Range Slider with SVGs in Angular

Building a Range Slider with SVGs in Angular

Learn how to build a Range Slider with SVGs in Angular. Let me now share the knowledge I have gathered, by building a range slider of our own, where we will go through the base SVG manipulation and then handle the created element using browser events.

It was another day in the office, and I was stuck on a task, where our customer was requesting a specific functionality (a range slider).

“It has to have a plethora of specific options and customizations.” requested the customer.

It seemed that in the old version of the application this was handled by a library that the devs in the olden times utilized, but it was not supported anymore today. It would also cause more pain than pleasure.

So I turned to research and spend some time trying to understand how we can extend a common range slider. After some hours digging through different articles and books, I stumbled upon a method, where SVGs would be rendered in the browser DOM to create custom elements. Enhancing the blueprint I found with browser events and you are able to control every aspect of these elements.

TLDR: You can find the finished solution here

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