What are Federated Identity Providers?

What are Federated Identity Providers?

What is Federated Identity Providers and how they enhance businesses. Also, learn the three protocols for federated identity, SAML, OpenID and OAuth.

What is Federated Identity Management?

Federated identity management is a configuration that can be made between two or more trusted domains to enable users of those domains to use the same digital identity to access applications and services.

Identity and access management (IAM) is a vital component of today's digital companies, and it's managed by a service provider known as an identity broker. An identity broker is a service provider that specialises in brokering access control between various service providers (also referred to as relying parties).

For federated identity, there are three protocols to choose from:

  • SAML
  • OpenID
  • OAuth

SAML: SAML is an open-source platform for sharing authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and a service provider.

OpenID: OpenID Connect 1.0 is a character layer that sits at the top of the OAuth 2.0 standard. It allows clients to verify the end user's identity, based on an Authorization Server's verification, in order to obtain important profile data about the end user.

OAuth: OAuth 2.0 is a protocol that allows token-based authentication and authorization, enabling users to obtain restricted access to their resources on one application from another without revealing their credentials.

Explore complete insights of Federated Identity Providers and how they enhance businesses. Also, learn the three protocols for federated identity, SAML, OpenID and OAuth.

### Federated Identity Providers

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