How to Redirect a Website to Another Domain with Namecheap and GitHub

How to Redirect a Website to Another Domain with Namecheap and GitHub

How to Redirect a Website to Another Domain with Namecheap and GitHub? Learn how to redirect your GitHub website to a custom domain name using Namecheap or Google Domains.

You might have reached the point in your career where you ask yourself the question, “should I invest in a personal domain name?” If you are a young professional who owns a GitHub page for their portfolio and is looking to build their online presence, then the answer is “yes!” It is absolutely time to build your digital brand.

Follow along this journey to learn how to quickly redirect your GitHub Pages site (normally located at your to your custom domain name in less than 10 minutes! Get ready to impress people by sharing a newly accessible URL to showcase your interests and hackathon projects.

Tutorial Requirements

  • GitHub repository with static files for your personal site. If you’re reading this, you might already have a functional portfolio site hosted on a GitHub page with a free domain name but want to change your domain name. You do not need to have a fully completed portfolio while doing this tutorial, but you should have a repository to redirect users to. 
  • An account for Namecheap or Google Domains

Choose your Character (Domain)

Choosing your domain is just like selecting your character in your favorite role-playing game (or RPG). In the case of the web, you are represented as your domain name on the internet! It’s cool and beneficial to own a name that represents your work and digital presence where anyone in the world can access your domain.

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