Top 7 trends in financial industry 2021

Top 7 trends in financial industry 2021

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Digital Banking: Accelerating the shift towards convenience, it offers access to a wide array of personalized financial services and data to the customers within a few taps on their smartphones via banking apps

Biometric security systems: Bringing security to the next level, biometric sensors are fueling major shifts for identity verification including biometric payment cards and contactless smart access systems

Autonomous finance: Driving the finance revolution on the idea of self-driving funds, autonomous finance has grown from Robo-advisors to mutual fund management and automatic-saving applications to credit card debt management

Contactless Payments: A major global shift towards cashless transactions that will continue to witness technology disruption for penetrating essential services in all domains

Digital currencies: Emerging as one of the rising trends in the finance revolution, digital currencies will experience a resurgence in 2021 in the DeFi space with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Voice technologies: Focusing on the tech-savvy consumers, AI-powered voice technology will continue to evolve for voice payments without compromising on security

RegTech: Enabling companies to leverage the benefits of technological advancements to simplify the regulatory compliances that drive the financial ecosystem


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