Go, WebAssembly, HTTP Requests and Promises

Go, WebAssembly, HTTP Requests and Promises

Go, WebAssembly, HTTP Requests and Promises. A guide to interacting with JavaScript from Go/Wasm

WebAssembly, or Wasm, is an open standard that allows developers to build apps that run inside a web browser using compiled programming languages. With WebAssembly, it’s possible to write components of web apps in languages such as C/C++, Rust, C#, and Go, among others, which run within the same sandbox as JavaScript. This allows things like porting existing libraries, leveraging capabilities not available in JavaScript, and running code faster because WebAssembly is compiled into a binary format.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with WebAssembly to be able to run some Go code in the browser. Specifically, I’ve been trying to port certain parts of  prvt, an open source project for storing end-to-end encrypted documents, to run within a web browser directly. The reason for the WebAssembly experiment was twofold: first, prvt makes extensive uses of cryptography and streams, both things which are not yet great in JavaScript; second, prvt itself is written in Go, so being able to reuse code in the browser would significantly simplify development.

For an introduction to using WebAssembly with Go, I recommend  this article on Golang Bot. Additionally, more information can be found in the Go project’s GitHub wiki and in the documentation for the  syscall/js package.

Note that as of writing, WebAssembly support in Go is still experimental. Because of that, the APIs might change too. This article was tested against Go 1.15.

This article contains four different yet connected things that I’ve learnt while working on the WebAssembly port and which I thought useful to share.

  1. Working with and creating JavaScript objects from Go code
  2. Creating Promises in Go for passing async results
  3. Making HTTP requests from Go code
  4. Streaming from Go code

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