React's UseReducer with Redux toolkit. Why Not?

React's UseReducer with Redux toolkit. Why Not?

Who said Redux and useReducer couldn't enjoy some time together?

useReducer is a convenient React Hook that lets you manage complex state updates, as much as you would do with a Redux reduceruseReducer, and the Context API might look like a replacement for Redux, but don't get fooled.

I enjoy using React hooks, but I also like Redux so much, and these days with Redux Toolkit Redux is even more compelling.

While working with useReducer I found myself thinking: now that we have createActioncreateReducercreateSlice in Redux Toolkit, why on earth would I write a reducer with its actions by hand even if I'm using just useReducer?

An example with useReducer

Consider a contrived example with useReducer. I understand the point of it: we want to get rid of Redux. To stay as much boilerplate-free possible we can do:

import React, { useReducer } from "react";

const authState = {
  isRequestingToken: "",
  username: "",
  token: "",
  error: ""

function authReducer(state, action) {
  switch (action.type) {
    case "LOGIN_START":
      return {
        isRequestingToken: "yes",
        username: action.payload.username
    case "LOGIN_SUCCESS":
      return { 
        isRequestingToken: "no", 
        token: action.payload.token };
      return state;

export function SillyThings() {
  const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(authReducer, authState);

  function handleSubmit(event) {
    const formData = new FormData(;
    const username = formData.get("username");

    dispatch({ type: "LOGIN_START", payload: { username }});

    // omit for brevity

    // omit for brevity



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