6 Advanced Python Decorator Patterns

6 Advanced Python Decorator Patterns

In this tutorial, we'll learn 6 Advanced Python Decorator Patterns. Code examples that explain the Python decorator through the development of templates. Find out carefully. It will help your projects complete quickly.

Coding Experience With Computer Languages

In many ways, my coding experience resembles the sediment layers of ice on an archaeological dig.

The bottom — or oldest — layer is several different assemblers. The following layers are FORTRAN, Lisp (several variations), C, PL/1, SQL, C++, and Java in order of age of layer. The last layers, representing the last eight years, are a mixture of R, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Go.

Using macros in C, C++ are simple substitutions. Using macros in Java is considered a bad practice by many gurus. Are Lisp macros perhaps too powerful?

The most elegant macro, for me, is the Python decorator.

Note: Python would be my hands-down favorite language if it compiled into a static pseudo-code and had hands-free concurrency. To me, using PySpark, a cloud, or trampolining to another language to benefit from multi-core CPUs feels hacky.

I assume going forward that you are comfortable with beginner and advanced Python decorator usage.

If you need a refresher on Python decorator concepts, read the article below. It provides the best explanation of Python decorators that I have encountered:

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