Facebooking is Working on its Clubhouse Clone: Get An Audio-Based Social Networking App

Facebooking is Working on its Clubhouse Clone: Get An Audio-Based Social Networking App

Launch your Clubhouse clone app, an audio-based social media app. The app has a really lucid user interface which will be appealing to your users.

Hey! Did you come across a piece of breaking news on the Clubhouse app making rounds on the internet? I am sure that you would not have missed it out. However, in this blog, we shall discuss the Clubhouse app and its recent eminence.

The Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform. The app is great for those who love podcasts. Users can create live podcasts or join podcasts created by other users. Let us dig into the topic and get the ultimate essence in the upcoming sections. Ready?

Why Is The Clubhouse App Gaining All The Attention?

People get attracted to strange things. And so are we. Since the Clubhouse app is a podcast based platform, users started paying heed to the app. Recently, Elon Musk’s tweet triggered business giants and common people to rush towards the Clubhouse app. What was the tweet all about?

“On Clubhouse tonight at 10 pm LA time”- this tweet jacked-up curiosity among users. The app faced a sharp spike in the number of users when Elon Musk appeared to be one of the podcast show participants. This clarifies that business magnates like Elon Musk are interested in joining the audio-based platform and sharing views on different topics.

The entry of Elon Musk is definitely a great recognition for the app. This incident clearly portrays that when a business model is unique, it can attract any number of users within a while.

Do People Love Podcasts? – Here Is All You Need To Know

As said earlier, people always show patronage for unique offerings. The podcast-based apps gain all the attention in that sequence since it is different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let me justify whether users love podcast-based apps or not.

  • The number of active podcast listeners is 850,000, and there are more than 30 million podcast episodes.
  • A survey reveals that more than half of the podcast listeners in the U.S. are above the age of 12.
  • An average of 82% of users spend seven hours per week listening to podcasts.

These statistics will give you a cue on the growing demand for podcasts. Next, let us analyze the rationale behind people showing an affinity for podcasts.

Books Over Podcasts – Podcasts!

Books are a treasure for acquiring knowledge, yet podcasts have become people’s favorite. But, why? Here are the reasons why people love podcasts over books.

  • With live podcasts, users can indulge in multitasking. Plug on the earphones, and carry out any work!
  • Podcasts are more engaging than reading blogs or other formats of content.
  • Users can save the podcasts or download them for future reference.
  • Clubhouse-like apps translate podcasts in different languages so that language is not a barrier to acquiring knowledge.
  • Currently, organizations are launching podcasts as they are more flexible for employees.

Another Big Thing! – Facebook Plans To Launch Clubhouse Clone

The audio-based Clubhouse app has gained the attention of Mark Zuckerberg. Yes! Like how Facebook was attracted by WhatsApp and acquired it, a similar case is about to happen. Facebook has officially started developing the Clubhouse app and is expected to launch it any time soon. As a flip, the company may even end up acquiring Clubhouse.

Aren’t you impressed with how Clubhouse has gained fame within a few months of its launch? If you are looking to develop a replica of the Clubhouse app, then we have got one for you!

At Appdupe, we keep pace with the app development industry and develop trending app development solutions. Likewise, we are all set with our Clubhouse clone that business persons like you will love to launch.

Well, with this, we will move on to know how the app works. Shall we?

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