Riding into the Sunset: How to Create a Ride-Sharing App

Riding into the Sunset: How to Create a Ride-Sharing App

Not sure how to start a rideshare company and make it a thriving business? Developing a unique and user-friendly app is a necessary prerequisite to success.

Not sure how to start a rideshare company and make it a thriving business? Developing a unique and user-friendly app is a necessary prerequisite to success.

One of the effects globalization has brought into our life is the increased mobility of people. We commute to work, move to other countries, make intercontinental business trips, travel for pleasure, and hike to feel one with nature. The simplest way to reach a destination is to use your own transportation means. However, owning one runs contrary to the mobility trend which presupposes a perpetual readiness to pull anchor and get on the move on short notice. The solution to this dilemma is offered by ride-sharing companies that spare travelers the bother of owning a vehicle but allow them to accomplish their trip and save drivers’ fuel expenses at the same time.

How Does Rideshare Work?

Have you ever thumbed a ride? Well, then you know what ride sharing is. A driver following his or her route picks up some passengers who happen to be going in the same direction. In return for the lift, they are expected to partake in the ride cost.

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How is it different from classical taxi services? For once, it is not an on-demand ride. The driver will go to his or her destination anyway irrespective of the presence or absence of companions. Then, unlike a taxi, carpooling (which is another name for ridesharing) is not about making money. The only money drivers earn is, in fact, the reimbursed sum on fuel cost. And finally, car owners might have reasons other than financial for finding co-travelers. For example, on a long-distance ride, having another person with a driver’s license on the passenger seat is an excellent opportunity to switch roles from time to time, providing rest for the weary driver.

How Does Rideshare Work?

A successful strategy that will help you to build a carpooling app includes three steps:

Ride-Sharing App Features

What you should realize is that you will in fact need three apps: the passenger app, the driver app, and the admin dashboard. Each of those will require a set of must-have features.

For a passenger app they are:

  • Login/signup registration. It should include email and social media login options, as well as payment processing.
  • Booking interface. This is the place where passengers enter the address they start from, specify the car type and driver preferences (if any), and arrange for the pickup place.
  • Price calculator. It allows estimating the ride cost, which could be done before actually booking a ride.
  • Payments. It offers a choice of payment methods, typically between cash and automatic in-app payment via credit card.
  • Tracking. This function coupled with the GEO location feature is used to track the driver’s location, make in-ride or after-ride updates, and so on.
  • Push notifications. Through it, passengers are kept informed on order status, time of the booked vehicle’s arrival, its model, license plate, etc.

If you wish to create your own rideshare app that is especially user-friendly, you may add such features as messaging, ratings and reviews, multi-language and multi-currency support, panic button, and even special rides for ladies.

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