When AI Meets the Fairytale Ending: The Future of Storytelling Disney

When AI Meets the Fairytale Ending: The Future of Storytelling Disney

When AI Meets the Fairytale Ending: The Future of Storytelling Disney. For years, the Mickey Mouse company has been investing heavily in AI to improve its storytelling. Deep Story AI is the inevitable next step.

Deep Story AI is not science fiction, nor will it bring a fairytale ending. It is the inevitable future of Disney AI — the key bit of Tomorrowland magic that the company must embrace to sustain its longstanding core pillar: improving storytelling through technology.

Jules Verne imagined a man on the moon a century before Armstrong made one small step. The film 2001: A Space Odyssey imagined Zoom-like video calls 50 years before Zoom. Total Recall conjured self-driving cars 25 years before Tesla would launch Auto-pilot. Deep Story AI, on the other hand, requires no imaginative leap.

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