I Was Wrong About How to Create Accessible Subtitles

I Was Wrong About How to Create Accessible Subtitles

Back in July, I wrote about how to create accessible subtitles using the [role="doc-subtitle"] attribute. I was wrong. Adrian Roselli, who’s far more of an expert on this sort of thing than I am, pointed out some of the dangers and pitfalls of the role in an article last week. The main issue with [role="doc-subtitle"] is that it in many browser/screen reader combinations, it announces as either a heading without a level, or an h2.

Internet Explorer users will get no benefit from doc-subtitle; NVDA with Firefox works well; VoiceOver on iOS will also claim they are all heading level 2, and offers no context from aria-roledescription; TalkBack with Chrome does not assign a level, but if you nest doc-subtitle within a native <h#> the content will be hidden. TalkBack with Firefox works well. Adrian provides some helpful alternatives depending on your goal.

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