More Than Just Event Bus — EventBridge Drill Down

More Than Just Event Bus — EventBridge Drill Down

More than just event bus — EventBridge drill down. EventBridge might be based on an event bus, but it’s becoming a better way to connect across accounts and services. Let’s drill in.

EventBridge might be based on an event bus, but it’s becoming a better way to connect across accounts and services. Let’s drill in.

Originally published on  Altostra.

EventBridge drill down

A few months ago we discussed  which AWS service you could use to deploy a Pub-Sub solution and mentioned EventBridge as a leading candidate. But EventBridge capabilities make it more than just another event bus, and we’d like to drill down these options.

EventBridge integration with external services

Modern-day applications rely on a lot of external services for monitoring, billing, authentication, etc. In most of these cases, you would register to these services and provide them with an endpoint to receive updates and handle them (like logins, rejected transactions, and others). AWS recognized it and decided to make it easier for developers to connect with these services more seamlessly.

For example, a lot of companies use external services like Auth0 to manage user identities and logins. One common caveat is the first-login: whenever a user signs for the first time, you usually want to run a unique process — create the user profile, send the user a “Welcome” email, and probably notify your customer success department.

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