Achieving Cloud Native Security and Compliance with Teleport

Achieving Cloud Native Security and Compliance with Teleport

Learn how to achieve security and compliance for your IT infrastructure with help of Teleport tool and find out an easy secure way to access it.

Security is the most critical aspect for any IT solutions and with the ever-increasing adoption of cloud native technologies, the need for Zero Trust Architecture is irrefutable as:

  • The traditional networking approach is not effective enough to provide full security to cloud native applications.
  • With cloud offerings being heavily getting used going forward, security policies around the application need to be scalable as well.
  • With more emphasis on loosely coupled microservice based applications, chances of vulnerabilities getting introduced also increases.
  • People are using multiple clouds to take advantage of the offerings.
  • On-premise to the cloud and other way around connectivity is a reality.
  • Devices that span beyond traditional data centers & cloud are increasingly being used to provide connectivity to remote sites.

To sum up, it means there is no “real network boundary” anymore, and hence we need to have a way in which we don’t trust anyone. Traditionally it was assumed that communication between entities inside the same data center is secure; where as with zero trust we don’t even assume that. So, it has become a mandate to have a zero-trust security framework around your cloud native applications.

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