Mobile Friendly Datetime Picker for Vue

Mobile Friendly Datetime Picker for Vue

Mobile friendly datetime picker for Vue. Supports date, datetime and time modes, i18n and more.


Mobile friendly datetime picker for Vue. Supports date, datetime and time modes, i18n and more.


Go to demo.



Bundler (Webpack, Rollup...)

yarn add luxon vue-datetime weekstart


npm install --save luxon vue-datetime weekstart

weekstart is optional, is used to get the first day of the week.

import Vue from 'vue'
import { Datetime } from 'vue-datetime'
// You need a specific loader for CSS files
import 'vue-datetime/dist/vue-datetime.css'

Register manually
import { Datetime } from 'vue-datetime';

Vue.component('datetime', Datetime);
import { Datetime } from 'vue-datetime';

  template: '...',
  components: {
    datetime: Datetime


Download vue, luxon, weekstart and vue-datetime or use a CDN like unpkg.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="vue-datetime.css"></link>
<script src="vue.js"></script>
<script src="luxon.js"></script>
<script src="weekstart.js"></script>
<script src="vue-datetime.js"></script>

The component registers itself automatically as <datetime>. If you want to use a different name then register it explicitly:

Vue.component('vue-datetime', window.VueDatetime.Datetime);

weekstart is optional, is used to get the first day of the week.



<datetime v-model="date"></datetime>



Parameter Type Default Description
v-model (required) ISO 8601 String - Datetime.
type String date Picker type: date, datetime or time.
input-id String '' Id for the input.
input-class String, Array or Object '' Class for the input.
input-style String, Array or Object '' Style for the input.
hidden-name String null Name for hidden input with raw value. See #51.
value-zone String UTC Time zone for the value.
zone String local Time zone for the picker.
format Object or String DateTime.DATE_MED, DateTime.DATETIME_MED or DateTime.TIME_24_SIMPLE Input date format. Luxon presets or tokens.
phrases Object {ok: 'Ok', cancel: 'Cancel'} Phrases.
use12-hour Boolean false Display 12 hour (AM/PM) mode
hour-step Number 1 Hour step.
minute-step Number 1 Minute step.
min-datetime ISO 8601 String null Minimum datetime.
max-datetime ISO 8601 String null Maximum datetime.
auto Boolean false Auto continue/close on select.
week-start Number auto from locale if weekstart is available or 1 First day of the week. 1 is Monday and 7 is Sunday.
flow Array Depends of type Customize steps flow, steps available: time, date, month, year. Example: ['year', 'date', 'time']
title String '' Popup title.
hide-backdrop Boolean false Show/Hide backdrop.
backdrop-click Boolean true Enable/Disable backdrop click to cancel (outside click).

Input inherits all props not defined above but style and class will be inherited by root element. See inheritAttrs option

The component is based on Luxon, check out documentation to set time zones and format.


Date internationalization depends on luxon. Set the default locale.

import { Settings } from 'luxon'

Settings.defaultLocale = 'es'


Component emits the input event to work with v-model. More info.

close event is emitted when the popup closes.

Also, input text inherits all component events.


You can customize the component using named slots.

Available slots: before, after, button-cancel and button-confirm

Button customization example:
<datetime v-model="date" input-id="startDate">
  <label for="startDate" slot="before">Field Label</label>
  <template slot="button-cancel">
    <fa :icon="['far', 'times']"></fa>
  <template slot="button-confirm">
    <fa :icon="['fas', 'check-circle']"></fa>

You can also use slot-scope to determine which view is currently active:

<template slot="button-confirm" slot-scope="scope">


Theming is supported by overwriting CSS classes.


Launch lint and tests

yarn test

Launch visual tests

yarn dev


Bundle the js and css to the dist folder:

yarn build

Download Details:

Author: drongen


Source Code:

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