What Is Uniswap Liquidity Pool and How Does It Work?


Quick Info About Uniswap

ICO was once a big hit. This form of crowdfunding was the main benefit to the blockchain for a long time. Although not the only benefit, it is the main. Today marks the beginning of a new era. It's known as decentralized finance. Forbes Magazine described the DeFi sector as "a new dynamic that gave great vigor and energy to the crypto industry" in spring 2019. It's fair enough. It was the prevailing trend at that time. It continues to grow rather than decrease. Today we will be talking about the adorable unicorn at the center of De-Fi -- Uniswap. Let's get started.

Few Words About Uniswap Itself

Decentralized exchanges are one of the many ways to make money within high-risk sectors. Uniswap is a leader among leaders. With the help of a self-executing contract, it facilitates automated transactions among cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. In August 2020, Coinbase, a digital currency trading platform, was beaten by the platform. Keeping this in mind let's answer the simple question: How did Uniswap challenge centralized exchanges.

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The project's idea has a benchmark. It was inspired by Vitalik Buterin's Reddit post. In October 2016, a Russian-Canadian programmer introduced the concept of a smart contract. These contracts were to balance the prices of tokens according to demand and supply and manage their reserves. American computer engineer Hayden Adams decided to implement this idea. Adams, a member of the Ethereum team, was working to create an automated market maker. Adams' "hobby", eventually led to several grants and $100,000 from Ethereum Foundation. Adams claims that the platform is built on Ethereum's values. The smart contract functions are all open to modification. Vitalik Buterin also created the name Uniswap.

What is it that makes your project stand out among the rest?

  • You have full control over your funds. The centralized exchange is completely risk-free. You can lose all your funds if it is compromised or goes bankrupt.
  • There is no central token.
  • The absence of KYC. Uniswap doesn't care about its customers. You are the only one who can control your money, so you don't have to go through this highly questionable process. You don't even need to give your passport. You can use the exchange faster than you might have imagined. This greatly reduces the chance that sensitive data may end up in the wrong hands.
  • The platform does not have an exclusive relationship with the first fund contributors. All are equal.
  • Low commissions. Uniswap charges a 0.3% fixed commission per transaction, which is significantly lower than most decentralized exchanges.
  • Listing is completely free
  • Uniswap replaces traditional centralized market tools with automated liquidity instruments that are purely algorithmic.
  • The order book is not used by the system to determine the asset's value, unlike other crypto exchanges where the price reflects supply and demand.

Liquidity Pool Explained

This new decentralized marketplace blends tokens with self-executing contracts. It creates liquidity pools. This phenomenon is essential to understand. This is the most straightforward explanation, without any metaphors or hyperbole. Liquidity pools consist of pairs of ERC-20 and ETH tokens. They can be swapped and exchanged by traders. Users can exchange their tokens for another. This trading pair must have liquidity -- the sufficient supply of USDT and ETH in order to function.

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With Ethereum, crypto lovers can trade their assets in pool exchanges. Uniswap's most impressive, if not mind-blowing, the feature is that anyone can create trading pairs for any token. This is in contrast to traditional platforms where trading pairs are set by the exchange.

Liquidity providers are people who add assets to pools. LPs. They receive a portion of the transaction commission as a payment for their work. Literally, anyone can make a deposit and begin earning Ethereum tokens. The pool requires no minimum deposit. Although it may sound impossible, you can start with any amount as long as there is a 50% ratio between the tokens. Connect an Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask.

What is the process?

All pools in the Uniswap program consist of two tokens. You can create a pool by using USDC/DAI. In this case, 1 USDC equals 1 DAI. To make the ratio 1:1, you will need to add DAI and USDC. 1000 USDC and 1000 DAI. It's vital to keep the 1:1 rate, once again.

A trader might come to your pool to ask for 100 USDC in exchange for 100 DAI. In this case, he would take 100 USDC plus 100 DAI. The ratio will change in this instance. Already there will be 1100 DAI and 900 USDC. It will have a completely different ratio between the price of tokens and their value. Arbitrage is possible because of this. The next trader will be motivated to buy DAIs at a lower price and add USDC. He can exchange them at a lower rate elsewhere.

Let's get back to the point. There are two rules upon which all of the work in the pool is built.
Rule #1 - The pool is a constant.

eth_liquidity_pool * token_liquidity_pool = constant_product

If the first token is X and the second is Y then their product will be constant (after any trade).
Rule 2 -- The price of the token is calculated according to the formula below This may provide some insight.

eth_price = token_liquidity_pool/eth_liquidity pool

Here's a simpler way to understand the liquidity pool if things get too complicated. You can compare it to a scale. Let's take an example: On one bowl is the ETH and on the other the DAI. We can change the DAI's price by adding ETH to DAI. The latter becomes more costly, and ETH becomes less expensive. These scales display the ratio between two bowls and their product. Does that make sense? Let's hope so. Let's get on with it.

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How To Add or Remove Liquidity

Consider FNK-USDT as an example. First, we should click on the Add liquidity option. It's located in the upper right corner, near the Trade button. You will need to add USDT equivalent to FNK tokens.

Popups will display prices and pool share: USDT per FNK or USDT per FNK and Share of the Pool. This depends on how many tokens you enter.

Let's suppose you want to add 400 USDT to your pool. FNK is 27.4488 if Input is 400 USDT The Pool shares 0.01%. Click Connect Wallet. Select the one that suits you best. Let's assume you choose WalletConnect. Use a compatible wallet with WalletConnect to scan the QR code. After scanning the QR code, press Supply. You will receive 0.000103089 FNK/USDT pool tokens. You will see the following in the window.

FNK Deposited 27.3926.

USDT Deposited -- 403.

Rates: 1 FNK = 14.6 USDT

1 USDT = 0.084848 FNK.

Pool Share -- 0.01031%.

Click Confirm Supply. Once this is complete, you will see a popup window that says "Waiting for confirmation". Also, confirm the transaction in your wallet. After that, the transaction will be confirmed. Our tokens will then be added to the pool. You can check the status of transactions in the upper-right section of the site. Remember that tokens cannot be added to the liquidity pool in an equal amount. You can't add more FNK and less USDT. At the current rate, you can add coins in equal amounts.

A more pleasant topic is that LP tokens are awarded to you for bringing additional liquidity into the pool. This happens automatically. These assets track your contributions to the cause. It is mandatory to first remove liquidity in order to receive a reward. Click the Pool button. Select "Remove Liquidity" in the window that appears. Choose the ERC-20 token that you have brought liquidity to. The details of Pool Tokens Balance and Output can be viewed afterward. Just click on "Remove Liquidity" and confirm the notification. Voila!

Conclusion Thoughts

You now know the basics of the Uniswap liquidity pools and how they work. You won't be an expert overnight. It takes time to accomplish great feats. There is no other way. It is essential that you put your heart and soul into this project. It will take some time, but it is worth it. Good luck!

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What Is Uniswap Liquidity Pool and How Does It Work?
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Ultimate Features of UniSwap Clone Script

Flash Swapping
Token Swapping/Exchange
Price Oracles
Path to Sustainability
Anonymous Trading
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Benefits of Uniswap Clone Script

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100% Decentralized Absence of Third Parties
Possible to create exchange for any ERC20 token
Anyone can connect wallet easily to make exchange
Enable your New tokens that can directly access liquidity
Gain more profit by putting funds into the liquidity pool.
Builds affordable liquidity based exchange than other exchanges
Can be expanded/built upon it means custom pools have also be created.
Doesn’t charge any listing fee due to decentralized

Where to create own DeFi Protocol like Uniswap?

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