Most Common UX Design Challenges And Their Solutions To Know in 2021

Design is one of the most important factor in web and mobile app development as it drives the user’s positive first impression. Day by day, as technology grows the competition for user attention also increases. Visual appearance and ease of use are the important factors to increase the visitor engagement with digital products. User experience is not just an essential attribute of a website but the most important factor for making a purchase. As per the report, with improves user experience 33% businesses encounter more satisfied consumers, 42% report increased retention, and 32% experienced an increase in revenue. But sometimes, there can be UX design challenges and designers are effortlessly working on solving the puzzle of cracking UX code. Here we’ve curated some of the common ux design challenges and their solution to help you throughout your design journey. Let’s see each one in detail.

Most Common UX Design Challenges And Their Solutions-

1. Bridging The Gap Between Design And Development-
Developers and designers both are equally important in product development process. Without development design is useless and without design, development is unusable. Design to development handoff can be challenging. As a UX designer, your problem solving approach is different to that of developers. While you’re considering the user and the journey they will take through the product, the developers are worried about what’s technically feasible.

If designers and developers aren’t aligned, both product and process affects badly. Lack of knowledge and communication gap tend to be issues, like excessive feedback loops, different interpretations of the same objectives and unexpected quality assurance issues. Here’s the solution for this-

Best way to avoid conflict between development and design is to communicate early and consistently. Include developers also so that they can identify potential issues in an early stage before the handoff. Knowledge sharing is also important. When you don’t know the coding, it is helpful to understand how the developers work and the challenges they face. Zeplin, Invision and Avocode are some tools that eases the handoff process.

2. Budget And Time Restrictions-
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Most Common UX Design Challenges And Their Solutions To Know in 2021