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Is Your Classifier Any Good?

In this post, we aim to predict whether a passenger survived the Titanic shipwreck. But rather than training a sophisticated model, we don’t even look at the data. This way, we discover how easy it is to produce seemingly good results that are, in fact, worthless.

Predicting survival on board the Titanic is a classification task since there are distinct outcome values. Specifically, it is a binary classification task because there are exactly two possible predictions (survived or died).

Before we develop a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, let’s implement the simplest algorithm we can imagine. A classifier that guesses.

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Is Your Classifier Any Good?

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Sell Digital Goods with WordPress: A Starter Guide

If you haven’t sold digital goods online before, but have got a corresponding plan to establish or expand your online business, you have to understand what digital goods are. Digital goods are the products available in a virtual form that the users can use on their digital devices. These goods can also be available in physical form for sale if the marketer wants to. However, these are specific varieties that could not fulfill a digital product requirement all the time. You can’t sell a motorcycle as a digital good. It doesn’t promote digital usage. So what are these digital goods? The websites offer a variety of them these days. Not only eCommerce websites, but other regular websites can also represent certain digital goods along with a purchase set up on their site. Read more on https://bit.ly/3kcVwqL

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Launch Your Online Classified Business With Our Letgo Clone App

Individual’s perception may change on purchasing the used items, some may comfort with that while others may find it valuable. Some products are worthy for the second round; nothing is new in this world except for a certain time. An online classified script like Letgo, Offerup, Carousel, Shpock, etc has been reinstating the importance of used items these days.

What is Letgo?

Among these classified apps, Letgo is more popular among the users which is an American buy and sell marketplace platform. This is an online classified platform that allows users to buy or sell the used items with local dealers. Users wish to sell their used item on the platform, post it and wait for other users to contact them using the chat option.

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The business model of letgo is quite clear which connects the sellers and buyers through the well-designed website and mobile applications. Entrepreneurs destined to start an online classified business then [letgo clone script](https://www.trioangle.com/online-classified-software/ “letgo clone script”) suits them which performs all the action of letgo and affordable script in the market. Helps them to overcome challenges like lack of product information, start similar businesses like letgo, and so on.

Why Clone scripts?

  • Pre-built scripts – Clone scripts are ready-made software available instantly for entrepreneurs to start their business. The development process would take time to build the script.
  • Cost-effective – Deciding to afford a clone app is the best option than developing an app from scratch because it consumes production cost.
  • Additional Feature – Clone script provides the option for them to add various functionality/features to the existing software to attract or make the user’s action easier.

Revenue Factor:-

Generating revenue is important in all businesses, by calculating the revenue factor all the individuals/entrepreneurs start their business. Online business usually yields more profit, letgo clone is an online marketplace platform that does not follow the footsteps of online business by the paid app. Revenue generated depends on how many sales take place between the buyers and sellers. Money Making Aspects in the app-

  • Featured ads - which help the seller to promote their listing more and appear on the top of the listing page in the letgo clone app.
  • Ads Sense - This feature helps you to promote the other product advertisements in the application empty space.
  • Commission - For every sales admin receives the commission from the seller and buyer is some percentage from the total transaction in the classified script. Admin can set their preferred percentage of commission for the sales.

If you want to afford your own online classified script then contact Trioangle, we are the best option which suits you & business Mail at sales@trioangle.com or Whatsapp +91 6379630152

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Start Your Classified Business With Our High-End Letgo Clone Script

The evolution of the Recommerce business has changed the buying and selling process of goods even in old products with the better condition on sale. Classified scripts are used to post and maintain seller’s classifieds on the registered website without having any programming background. Startup companies and Entrepreneurs set up their own classified business with the letgo clone.

There is a chance for the entrepreneurs/interested business people to start an online classified business with the Letgo clone is a quality-driven script that adapts & supports the manifold business to yield better results in the marketplace. Letgo app is an online classified script that connects various buyers and sellers, from selling used products or equipment for the other users at a reasonable cost.

Why Trioangle?

Trioangle technology provides the letgo clone script for the entrepreneurs to start their classified business instantly. Our script has all the advanced features, designed with advanced technology and addons in it, then supports both desktop and mobile applications(android & iOS). Other than providing the classified software to the Entrepreneurs we serves

  • Free app submission
  • Free server installation
  • Free Bug support
  • App Rejection Support
  • Support Extension
  • Free White Labeling
  • Free 3rd party Configuration Support

Working of Classified Software in User Perspective

Registered users can upload their second-hand product listing on the site & if the buyer is interested or want to know details about the product they contact the seller. Buyer is ready to buy or satisfied with the quality of the product then they proceed further to buy it. Using the buy now option buyers make the payment to the admin for the product. Buyer & seller should intimate the admin that they receive or send the product, after that admin takes the commission from payment and sends it to the seller. PassUp which is an Online classified software platform processes every dealing in this method.

Top-End Features

  • Buy Now Option - Just making enquiry about the product to the seller now the users can easily buy the required products using the option.

  • Chat option - Buyers can chat with the seller directly for the specified product using this option in the letgo clone app. If the seller is offline, a notification message will be sent to them via mail.

  • Share Product - Users can share the post or product on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp which is a better way to market their listing for the seller and the users can personally share the post with the other users or their friends.

  • Advance Filter - The filter option is for the users to sort out the required product among the listings by price like low to high or high to low, distance like closest first.

  • Multiple Listing - There is no more restriction for the registered users to add listings, they can add multiple listings for the sales on their account.

If you are interested to start to afford online classified script then contact us for more details at Mail id - sales@trioangle.com, Whatsapp: 6379630152 or visit our website - https://www.trioangle.com/letgo-clone/

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Adele Hansley

Adele Hansley


Ways To Write A Good Dissertation

A dissertation is a research project undertaken as part of an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree. The meaning of a professional dissertation is a research project that is original and well-documented undertaken in a study program. Therefore, a professional dissertation is also known as a thesis.

A dissertation is the most challenging part of student life, and it is rightly said that students writing a dissertation often have to live for the most amount of their days in libraries. It is natural for students to feel exhausted and want professional dissertation writing help through different channels.

How to Write a Good Dissertation?

A dissertation is essential as it allows the students to become the producers of knowledge rather than simply consuming it. The following are the ways on how to write a good dissertation:

  1. Choose a topic: The topic is the first and most crucial component of writing a dissertation. You should carefully study various topics, analyze the literature on them, discuss them with your peers, potential supervisors and ponder over them at length before finalising any topic. A topic that is both interesting and feasible should be finally selected for the dissertation.
  2. Define the title: A title that is specific and realistic should be chosen. The title should provide an overview of the whole dissertation by reading the title whether they want to read the entire paper.
  3. Write a Dissertation Proposal: After finalizing the dissertation topic and title, the next step involves writing the dissertation proposal which is thoughtful and robust and makes a strong case for the dissertation topic and yourself.
  4. Meeting with supervisor: Discuss your dissertation topic, methodology, and literature with your supervisor at length and note down the insights provided by them. An opportunity to connect with the supervisor personally is a huge benefit of doing a dissertation.
  5. Plan and initiate data collection: You can either conduct primary research or secondary research, but whatever you choose, you should plan your data collection properly and collect it very systematically and carefully to avoid any pitfalls here.
  6. Create a routine: Creating a routine and sticking to it regularly, completing minor goals within specific time frames, can allow you to regularly work on your dissertation without becoming a significant source of stress and enabling you to complete your dissertation on time.
  7. Get feedback: Receiving regular feedback from your supervisor, other professors, and peers on your progress is a vital step to make sure that your dissertation is of high quality.
  8. Analyse data: Analyse the data carefully and take help from your supervisor in doing so. Analysis of the data is a very complicated yet the most important process in a dissertation.
  9. Draft and proofread: Complete writing your dissertation and keep proofreading it. Receive feedback from others and keep redrafting your dissertation until you reach the final level where there is minimal scope for improvement and you as well as your supervisor are satisfied with your dissertation.

Thus are a few tips on how to write a good dissertation. Many students doing their dissertation are often exhausted and face troubles relating to their dissertation and deadlines. Various services offer dissertation writing help in Australia. Proper analysis of such services should be done and only the best assignment help should be selected.

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Lisa joly


Safe Yield Farms with Good ROI , Medium Risk & High Risk Plays

Hey guys in this video I am going to talk about the best yield farms you can put your crypto and earn decent ROI. The safest farms will not give you crazy ROI so you going to have to put more in to boost the daily payout value. Also for you Degens I talk about some medium risk and high risk plays as well. Just another way to put your crypto to work for you, how much return will depend on your risk appetite. DYOR this is not financial advice.
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Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
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