Java Tutorials for Beginners - Step by Step

Java Tutorials for Beginners - Step by Step

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Java is one of most widely used object oriented programming languages. Most of the apps working on the android operating platform are developed using the concepts of java. With Java, developers can write the code onceand run it any platform that supports Java.

Java programs and applications are compiled to bytecode that run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) irrespective of the computer’s architecture. Java was initially developed by the Sun Micro Systems that was later taken over by Oracle Corporation.

The syntax of the language is derived from C and C++. Due to its nature of being simple, robust and secure it is widely adopted in the industry. This is the reason learning Java is a major prerequisite for many courses, softwares and tools.

What is Core Java?

Java is an extensively designed programming language that has various predefined classes that have in built methods that are capable of dealing with various issues without the need of the coding the procedure.

Core Java is a course that is designed to allow the students to have a basic idea of the range of applications of Java programming.

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