Python String zfill() Method Example

Python String zfill() Method Example

Python zfill() is an inbuilt python string method that is used to append zero to the left side of the given string. It is basically a padding mechanism.

Python zfill() is an inbuilt python string method that is used to append zero to the left side of the given string. It is a padding mechanism. The number of 0’s to be appended decided by the argument, which is a number passed in the zfill() method. The argument is the total length of the list.  Suppose the current length of the string is 20, and the argument is 30, then the zfill() method will attach 10 zeroes to the leftmost side of the string to make that string of length 30. The zfill() function returns a string.

Python String zfill()

Python zfill() method fills the string at left with 0 digits to make a string of length width. It returns a string contains a sign prefix + or – before the 0 digits. It returns original length string if the width is less than string length.


Here str is the string variable that holds the main string, which is to be filled.

Length is the length of the string that we want to make.

python zfill python string zfill

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