Be a king in the Bitcoin trading market with scalable Bitcoin clone script

 Be a king in the Bitcoin trading market with scalable Bitcoin clone script

Are you searching for a LocalBitcoins clone script for your crypto venture? Appdupe offers the best crypto solutions. Know more!

Want to launch your dream venture in the cryptocurrency industry? You can now design your own brand of peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform with the best blockchain developers in the town. Multiple local Bitcoins clone scripts are available in the market at budget-friendly prices. You can go with a suitable script to launch your crypto trading brand in the industry. Before you initiate the app development process, you have to know that only an easy to use and secure trading platform will be accepted by a wider audience. This blog will provide you with an insight into how simple the workflow of a Bitcoin exchange platform should be designed. This is image title

  • Registration is the initial step when it comes to any platform. Users should be able to sign up with the platform using their phone numbers or email IDs. They must also complete the KYC(Know Your Customer) process as a part of the authentication process.
  • After approval, they should be able to enter the platform and go through the list of advertisements provided by buyers and sellers. They must also be allowed to list their advertisement in the app.
  • On choosing a suitable advertisement, users should be able to select it and complete the trading process within the specified time limit.
  • To avoid any disputes between the buyers and sellers, the fiat currencies or Bitcoins should be deposited to the admin’s escrow wallet.
  • On completing the transaction successfully, the admin should be able to transfer it to the respective user’s account.

Wrapping up! Incorporating a similar workflow to your localBitcoins clone solution will help you gather a large customer base. Go ahead and build your Bitcoin trading platform with the most skilled developers right away.

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