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Nels Franecki


Spring Cloud Config Server on Kubernetes (Part 1)

This is the first of a two part article where I’ll show you how to use Spring Cloud Config Server to build centralised configuration for your microservices. In this first post we’ll create a Config Service that pulls its data from a Git repo and exposes it to other services. We’ll also create a consumer, a Config Consumer Service that pulls from the Config Service on startup. The diagram below shows how the services will interact.

In part two of this article we’ll take the two services and deploy them to Kubernetes. We’ll initially deploy and test on a local Kubernetes cluster, before deploying on Azures manged Kubernetes Service, AKS.

The diagram below is a sneak peak of what we’ll eventually run on Kubernetes.

Source Code

The source code for this post and part two is available on Github. Feel free to pull it and have a dig around.

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Spring Cloud Config Server on Kubernetes (Part 1)