How to Engage People and Enhance Change Readiness

 How to Engage People and Enhance Change Readiness

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Description How to Design Successful Organizational Change.

How to engage people and enhance change readiness: “Discover the 4 incentives to drive behavioral change for smooth transitions"

So here’s a quick overview of what you're going to learn in this course:

Section 1: discusses the dilemma of establishing engagement with all stakeholders, while achieving results Section 2: gives understanding about challenging stakeholder behaviour in relation to change Section 3: explains how to mobilize people towards ambitions by Enhancing Change Readiness Section 4: shows you how to turn unwillingness into high engagement and achieve results by applying the 4 incentives to enhance change readiness Section 5: elaborates on How to design a collaborative multi-perspective reality by applying the first incentive of Knowing, which leads to understanding Section 6: explains How to design reflection, which is the second incentive, by which stakeholders become motivated to change Section 7: is about How to design a creative and sense-making process that enhances stakeholder ownership by applying the third incentive of Willing, which leads to engagement Section 8: is about How to build an infrastructure for change by applying the fourth incentive of Capable, which enables people to actually contribute to the change Basic knowledge Basic understanding of organizational change What will you learn How to Design Successful Organizational Change How to engage people and enhance change readiness Discover the 4 incentives to drive behavioural change for smooth transitions Change management, the human factor

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