My 2 Cents on Mental Health for Programmers

My 2 Cents on Mental Health for Programmers

In this tutorial, i will show you my 2 Cents on Mental Health for Programmers: Concentration overload, lack of fulfillment, constant learning requirement, catastrophe anxiety, creative exhaustion, imposter syndrome…

I’ve made some of these phrases up, but you get the point. These are the triggers that make programmers susceptible to mental stress that may also eventually manifest as physical symptoms. Learner programmers have to push through another type of mental anguish.

I would like to break excessive stress or burnout, as it is commonly referred to, into more specific triggers so that they are easier to deal with. This article goes through each stress trigger to find out more about it and explores possible ways to reduce its negative impact on mental wellbeing.

Hopefully, employers and those affected glean some information that they find useful. The objective is not to try to offer an exhaustive solution list but only to give the discussion momentum. Failing to timeously address the signs of mental stress can cause lasting damage to health, lifestyle, and relationships.

First, let’s very briefly cover the effects of excessive stress caused by these triggers.


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