The Biggest HR Tech Conferences in 2020.

The Biggest HR Tech Conferences in 2020.

As the HR tech market is booming, experts in the industry share their insight at the biggest HR tech conferences in 2020.

The HR technology market is thriving, delivering a bevy of innovative approaches to a field notorious for its slow adoption of tech-based solutions. 

With the introduction of AI-powered HR tools and sophisticated applications addressing the whole spectrum of the needs of the HR industry, digital transformation is entering the HR realm. Let’s look at the biggest HR tech conferences slated for 2020 that HR leaders and everyone interested in the industry should definitely attend.

HR Technology Conference

Arguably the biggest HR tech conference in the world, touted by some as “the industry’s annual meeting,” the HR Technology Conference attracts experts, innovators and is packed full of workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities.

Covering a broad range of HR tech topics, the conference features demos of cutting-edge products, insights from thought leaders, and presentations of emerging HR tech trends.

At the 2019 conference, attendees could listen to lectures on subjects like the importance of metrics in HR, AI in HR, and top talent acquisition software. There were also in-depth product demos from companies such as Oracle, Workday, Cornerstone, and many more.

Logos of the sponsors of the 2019 HR Technology Conference

_Source: _HR Technology Conference

One glance at the speaker roster and the turnout from global leaders, industry experts and forward-thinking HR executives is enough to realize why the HR Tech Conference is a must-stop destination when it comes to international HR conferences.

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