Scalable Microservice Architecture Using RabbitMQ RPC

Scalable Microservice Architecture Using RabbitMQ RPC

Scalable Microservice Architecture Using RabbitMQ RPC. Microservices are the hot thing, in the past few years microservices have seemed to gain momentum as a very common architecture.


Microservices are the hot thing, in the past few years microservices have seemed to gain momentum as a very common architecture. Innovative and successful companies like Netflix and Amazon have adopted it, and for a good reason.

The main idea of microservices is to separate the application logic into loosely-coupled services, while each service has its own independent business domain. This concept, if performed accurately, solves a lot of problems that less modern architectures, such as monoliths, didn’t manage to solve: services that are easy to scale, easy to deploy, easy to test and the list goes on…

Even so, if I had to pick one reason why this architecture is so popular, I would bet that the reason is the impact on the daily routine of programmers and executives alike. For example, microservices goes hand in hand with the agile methodology. It’s easy to make changes in a single component, which is significant in the way that a programmer can even decide that he is using a different programming language than another developer working on the same system. From the eyes of the executive easy integrations are guaranteed, and in the end everyone is happy.

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