Using OpenApi to Ship APIs Faster

Writing an API from scratch can be quite fun and informative for developers.

Yet, maintaining dozens of APIs in a company is whole other kettle of fish.

Back in the 70s, source control didn’t exist. Each developer had their own local copy of the company’s source code. Then people started storing the code in a centralised place, manually merging conflicts as and when they happened, before eventually, Git arrived.

If you have an API, chances are it’s been defined in multiple places, like source code back in the 70s. It’s in your source code, in your documentation, in your server settings, perhaps even in your application and demo code.

Being in multiple places means that your team had to write it multiple times, which is time-consuming and not aligned with business interests. Problems arise when you need to change or update your APIs:

  • How do you make sure that the documentation is always up-to-date with respect to the API implementation?
  • How do you make sure that the developers have correctly implemented what the API architects decided?

This is where a new friend can help: OpenAPI.


Using OpenApi to Ship APIs Faster