JavaScript Reactive/Asynchronous Code with RxJS 6 & Angular 10: Callbacks, Promises and Observables

Throughout this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to JavaScript reactive and asynchronous code, data streams and RxJS 6 used in Angular.

You’ll learn that reactive programming in JavaScript is about coding with asynchronous data streams and that RxJS is the most popular JavaScript implementation that implements Observables and the observer pattern.

You’ll learne about RxJS operators, the methods that are used to compose Observables and work on their data streams.

Next, you’ll learn that Angular 10/9 uses RxJS v6 for working with asynchronous operations and APIs (instead of callbacks and Promises) in many of its commonly used modules such as HttpClient, Router and Reactive Forms.

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JavaScript Reactive/Asynchronous Code with RxJS 6 & Angular 10: Callbacks, Promises and Observables
Monty  Boehm

Monty Boehm


How to Use Hotwire Rails


We are back with another exciting and much-talked-about Rails tutorial on how to use Hotwire with the Rails application. This Hotwire Rails tutorial is an alternate method for building modern web applications that consume a pinch of JavaScript.

Rails 7 Hotwire is the default front-end framework shipped with Rails 7 after it was launched. It is used to represent HTML over the wire in the Rails application. Previously, we used to add a hotwire-rails gem in our gem file and then run rails hotwire: install. However, with the introduction of Rails 7, the gem got deprecated. Now, we use turbo-rails and stimulus rails directly, which work as Hotwire’s SPA-like page accelerator and Hotwire’s modest JavaScript framework.

What is Hotwire?

Hotwire is a package of different frameworks that help to build applications. It simplifies the developer’s work for writing web pages without the need to write JavaScript, and instead sending HTML code over the wire.

Introduction to The Hotwire Framework:

1. Turbo:

It uses simplified techniques to build web applications while decreasing the usage of JavaScript in the application. Turbo offers numerous handling methods for the HTML data sent over the wire and displaying the application’s data without actually loading the entire page. It helps to maintain the simplicity of web applications without destroying the single-page application experience by using the below techniques:

Turbo Frames: Turbo Frames help to load the different sections of our markup without any dependency as it divides the page into different contexts separately called frames and updates these frames individually.
Turbo Drive: Every link doesn’t have to make the entire page reload when clicked. Only the HTML contained within the tag will be displayed.
Turbo Streams: To add real-time features to the application, this technique is used. It helps to bring real-time data to the application using CRUD actions.

2. Stimulus

It represents the JavaScript framework, which is required when JS is a requirement in the application. The interaction with the HTML is possible with the help of a stimulus, as the controllers that help those interactions are written by a stimulus.

3. Strada

Not much information is available about Strada as it has not been officially released yet. However, it works with native applications, and by using HTML bridge attributes, interaction is made possible between web applications and native apps.

Simple diagrammatic representation of Hotwire Stack:

Hotwire Stack

Prerequisites For Hotwire Rails Tutorial

As we are implementing the Ruby on Rails Hotwire tutorial, make sure about the following installations before you can get started.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hotwire gem
  • PostgreSQL/SQLite (choose any one database)
  • Turbo Rails
  • Stimulus.js

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Create a new Rails Project

Find the following commands to create a rails application.

mkdir ~/projects/railshotwire
cd ~/projects/railshotwire
echo "source ''" > Gemfile
echo "gem 'rails', '~> 7.0.0'" >> Gemfile
bundle install  
bundle exec rails new . --force -d=postgresql

Now create some files for the project, up till now no usage of Rails Hotwire can be seen.
Fire the following command in your terminal.

  • For creating a default controller for the application
echo "class HomeController < ApplicationController" > app/controllers/home_controller.rb
echo "end" >> app/controllers/home_controller.rb
  • For creating another controller for the application
echo "class OtherController < ApplicationController" > app/controllers/other_controller.rb
echo "end" >> app/controllers/home_controller.rb
  • For creating routes for the application
echo "Rails.application.routes.draw do" > config/routes.rb
echo '  get "home/index"' >> config/routes.rb
echo '  get "other/index"' >> config/routes.rb
echo '  root to: "home#index"' >> config/routes.rb
echo 'end' >> config/routes.rb
  • For creating a default view for the application
mkdir app/views/home
echo '<h1>This is Rails Hotwire homepage</h1>' > app/views/home/index.html.erb
echo '<div><%= link_to "Enter to other page", other_index_path %></div>' >> app/views/home/index.html.erb
  • For creating another view for the application
mkdir app/views/other
echo '<h1>This is Another page</h1>' > app/views/other/index.html.erb
echo '<div><%= link_to "Enter to home page", root_path %></div>' >> app/views/other/index.html.erb
  • For creating a database and schema.rb file for the application
bin/rails db:create
bin/rails db:migrate
  • For checking the application run bin/rails s and open your browser, your running application will have the below view.

Rails Hotwire Home Page

Additionally, you can clone the code and browse through the project. Here’s the source code of the repository: Rails 7 Hotwire application

Now, let’s see how Hotwire Rails can work its magic with various Turbo techniques.

Hotwire Rails: Turbo Drive

Go to your localhost:3000 on your web browser and right-click on the Inspect and open a Network tab of the DevTools of the browser.

Now click on go to another page link that appears on the home page to redirect from the home page to another page. In our Network tab, we can see that this action of navigation is achieved via XHR. It appears only the part inside HTML is reloaded, here neither the CSS is reloaded nor the JS is reloaded when the navigation action is performed.

Hotwire Rails Turbo Drive

By performing this action we can see that Turbo Drive helps to represent the HTML response without loading the full page and only follows redirect and reindeer HTML responses which helps to make the application faster to access.

Hotwire Rails: Turbo Frame

This technique helps to divide the current page into different sections called frames that can be updated separately independently when new data is added from the server.
Below we discuss the different use cases of Turbo frame like inline edition, sorting, searching, and filtering of data.

Let’s perform some practical actions to see the example of these use cases.

Make changes in the app/controllers/home_controller.rb file


class HomeController < ApplicationController
   def turbo_frame_form
   def turbo_frame submit
      extracted_anynumber = params[:any][:anynumber]
      render :turbo_frame_form, status: :ok, locals: {anynumber: extracted_anynumber,      comment: 'turbo_frame_submit ok' }

Turbo Frame

Add app/views/home/turbo_frame_form.html.erb file to the application and add this content inside the file.



    <%= turbo_frame_tag 'anyframe' do %>
          <h2>Frame view</h2>
          <%= form_with scope: :any, url: turbo_frame_submit_path, local: true do |form| %>
              <%= form.label :anynumber, 'Type an integer (odd or even)', 'class' => 'my-0  d-inline'  %>
              <%= form.text_field :anynumber, type: 'number', 'required' => 'true', 'value' => "#{local_assigns[:anynumber] || 0}",  'aria-describedby' => 'anynumber' %>
              <%= form.submit 'Submit this number', 'id' => 'submit-number' %>
          <% end %>
        <h2>Data of the view</h2>
        <pre style="font-size: .7rem;"><%= JSON.pretty_generate(local_assigns) %></pre> 
    <% end %>


Add the content inside file

Make some adjustments in routes.rb


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  get 'home/index'
  get 'other/index'

  get '/home/turbo_frame_form' => 'home#turbo_frame_form', as: 'turbo_frame_form'
  post '/home/turbo_frame_submit' => 'home#turbo_frame_submit', as: 'turbo_frame_submit'

  root to: "home#index"
  • Next step is to change homepage view in app/views/home/index.html.erb


<h1>This is Rails Hotwire home page</h1>
<div><%= link_to "Enter to other page", other_index_path %></div>

<%= turbo_frame_tag 'anyframe' do %>        
      <h2>Home view</h2>
      <%= form_with scope: :any, url: turbo_frame_submit_path, local: true do |form| %>
          <%= form.label :anynumber, 'Type an integer (odd or even)', 'class' => 'my-0  d-inline'  %>
          <%= form.text_field :anynumber, type: 'number', 'required' => 'true', 'value' => "#{local_assigns[:anynumber] || 0}",  'aria-describedby' => 'anynumber' %>
          <%= form.submit 'Submit this number', 'id' => 'submit-number' %>
      <% end %>
<% end %>

Change HomePage

After making all the changes, restart the rails server and refresh the browser, the default view will appear on the browser.

restart the rails serverNow in the field enter any digit, after entering the digit click on submit button, and as the submit button is clicked we can see the Turbo Frame in action in the below screen, we can observe that the frame part changed, the first title and first link didn’t move.

submit button is clicked

Hotwire Rails: Turbo Streams

Turbo Streams deliver page updates over WebSocket, SSE or in response to form submissions by only using HTML and a series of CRUD-like operations, you are free to say that either

  • Update the piece of HTML while responding to all the other actions like the post, put, patch, and delete except the GET action.
  • Transmit a change to all users, without reloading the browser page.

This transmit can be represented by a simple example.

  • Make changes in app/controllers/other_controller.rb file of rails application


class OtherController < ApplicationController

  def post_something
    respond_to do |format|
      format.turbo_stream {  }


file of rails application

Add the below line in routes.rb file of the application


post '/other/post_something' => 'other#post_something', as: 'post_something'
Add the below line

Superb! Rails will now attempt to locate the app/views/other/post_something.turbo_stream.erb template at any moment the ‘/other/post_something’ endpoint is reached.

For this, we need to add app/views/other/post_something.turbo_stream.erb template in the rails application.


<turbo-stream action="append" target="messages">
    <div id="message_1">This changes the existing message!</div>
Add template in the rails application

This states that the response will try to append the template of the turbo frame with ID “messages”.

Now change the index.html.erb file in app/views/other paths with the below content.


<h1>This is Another page</h1>
<div><%= link_to "Enter to home page", root_path %></div>

<div style="margin-top: 3rem;">
  <%= form_with scope: :any, url: post_something_path do |form| %>
      <%= form.submit 'Post any message %>
  <% end %>
  <turbo-frame id="messages">
    <div>An empty message</div>
change the index.html.erb file
  • After making all the changes, restart the rails server and refresh the browser, and go to the other page.

go to the other page

  • Once the above screen appears, click on the Post any message button

Post any message button

This action shows that after submitting the response, the Turbo Streams help the developer to append the message, without reloading the page.

Another use case we can test is that rather than appending the message, the developer replaces the message. For that, we need to change the content of app/views/other/post_something.turbo_stream.erb template file and change the value of the action attribute from append to replace and check the changes in the browser.


<turbo-stream action="replace" target="messages">
    <div id="message_1">This changes the existing message!</div>

change the value of the action attributeWhen we click on Post any message button, the message that appear below that button will get replaced with the message that is mentioned in the app/views/other/post_something.turbo_stream.erb template

click on Post any message button


There are some cases in an application where JS is needed, therefore to cover those scenarios we require Hotwire JS tool. Hotwire has a JS tool because in some scenarios Turbo-* tools are not sufficient. But as we know that Hotwire is used to reduce the usage of JS in an application, Stimulus considers HTML as the single source of truth. Consider the case where we have to give elements on a page some JavaScript attributes, such as data controller, data-action, and data target. For that, a stimulus controller that can access elements and receive events based on those characteristics will be created.

Make a change in app/views/other/index.html.erb template file in rails application


<h1>This is Another page</h1>
<div><%= link_to "Enter to home page", root_path %></div>

<div style="margin-top: 2rem;">
  <%= form_with scope: :any, url: post_something_path do |form| %>
      <%= form.submit 'Post something' %>
  <% end %>
  <turbo-frame id="messages">
    <div>An empty message</div>

<div style="margin-top: 2rem;">
  <div data-controller="hello">
    <input data-hello-target="name" type="text">
    <button data-action="click->hello#greet">
    <span data-hello-target="output">

Make A changeMake changes in the hello_controller.js in path app/JavaScript/controllers and add a stimulus controller in the file, which helps to bring the HTML into life.


import { Controller } from "@hotwired/stimulus"

export default class extends Controller {
  static targets = [ "name", "output" ]

  greet() {
    this.outputTarget.textContent =
      `Hello, ${this.nameTarget.value}!`

add a stimulus controller in the fileGo to your browser after making the changes in the code and click on Enter to other page link which will navigate to the localhost:3000/other/index page there you can see the changes implemented by the stimulus controller that is designed to augment your HTML with just enough behavior to make it more responsive.

With just a little bit of work, Turbo and Stimulus together offer a complete answer for applications that are quick and compelling.

Using Rails 7 Hotwire helps to load the pages at a faster speed and allows you to render templates on the server, where you have access to your whole domain model. It is a productive development experience in ROR, without compromising any of the speed or responsiveness associated with SPA.


We hope you were satisfied with our Rails Hotwire tutorial. Write to us at for any query that you want to resolve, or if you want us to share a tutorial on your query.

For more such solutions on RoR, check out our Ruby on Rails Tutorials. We will always strive to amaze you and cater to your needs.

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JavaScript Reactive/Asynchronous Code with RxJS 6 & Angular 10: Callbacks, Promises and Observables

Throughout this tutorial, you’ll be introduced to JavaScript reactive and asynchronous code, data streams and RxJS 6 used in Angular.

You’ll learn that reactive programming in JavaScript is about coding with asynchronous data streams and that RxJS is the most popular JavaScript implementation that implements Observables and the observer pattern.

You’ll learne about RxJS operators, the methods that are used to compose Observables and work on their data streams.

Next, you’ll learn that Angular 10/9 uses RxJS v6 for working with asynchronous operations and APIs (instead of callbacks and Promises) in many of its commonly used modules such as HttpClient, Router and Reactive Forms.

#rxjs #javascript #angular

Raghu Raji

Raghu Raji


Top 10 Best IPTV Services UK, USA & Canada [2023 Reviews]

Are you eager to know about the top 10 IPTV services?

The last few years have been quite impressive for IPTV services. The services have witnessed massive growth in the previous few years and have geared up the industry with a wide range of video streaming services.

top 10 IPTV service reviews in the usa

The IPTV business has taken over the very first rank in the marketplace, pushing behind all traditional networks. If we go with the surveys made during 2020, the market is considered to make about $72 million and has surpassed and touched about $101.45 billion in 2021 and $118.67 billion in 2022.

Convenience, extreme user experience, and on-demand video offerings are a few terms that have worked to take this industry to the next level. One can stay connected with their traditional sources now to get access to their favorite program. Make a few taps and enjoy the world of the best IPTV services conveniently in your comfort.

The increasing demand for IPTV services has also raised the number of service providers. It has become difficult for the user to select the best IPTV business plans in the marketplace conveniently. The guide is designed to assist you in finding the best IPTV services suiting your budget well. 

What is IPTV Streaming?

best Canada iptv subscription providers

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a television option that runs on the internet protocol. Online streaming has grown at a breakneck pace in the last few years. The majority of people today prefer accessing streaming online rather than staying dependent on natural resources only.

"The longer the format war goes on, the more opportunity smart players in the cable and IPTV and online spaces have to build market share."—Laura Behrens.

The IPTV business model has given a very tough composition to the traditional cables and has restricted them to specific locations only. There are many differences between the conventional cable system and satellite-based television. 

IPTV services offer users the freedom of streaming and downloading media with the help of high-speed internet services. Users here can enjoy their favorite TV programs live or opt for on-demand services.

Factors to Consider while selecting the Best USA, UK & Canda IPTV Service in 2022

If you are going to get the best IPTV monetization option, this guide will help you a lot. Just make sure to spend some time analyzing the different factors given below:

  1. Go through the embedded channels list: The market is full of a wide range of IPTV services, each claiming to offer its users a different set of services. Before proceeding further, check the other services included in the package and the total number of channels. Make sure to consider the quality of IPTV's streaming services before finalizing your decision.
  2. How is the signal strength? : It is another one of the most crucial aspects one needs to consider while picking up the best IPTV service. The signal strength of the IPTV service decides the user experience over it. A stronger signal usually delivers better resolution and reduced noise.
  3. What are the User's Ratings? : It is always advised to review the user's ratings before selecting the best IPTV platform in India, Australia, UAE. It will help you understand how well the best IPTV provider is performing and whether they are reliable to pick in or not.
  4. Check out the coverage area: Not all of the IPTV services available in the marketplace are able to provide global content to users. Option for the IPTV services with the regional services only can restrict your access at any time. Just be clear about the coverage area and then make the final decisions accordingly.
  5. Check out the Plans and Packages Offered: Each IPTV service comes up with its plans and package options. One should be clear about the different subscription plans and pick the option that suits their requirements well under the set budget.
  6. How is the Internet Speed? : Lagging and buffering issues are something that no one likes. Everyone wants to have a seamless user experience without any problems. Although all internet service providers claim to serve the best internet speed, not all do that. Make sure to check out the customer reviews to know the exact information about the internet speed and what they feel is related to the rate and services before making the final decision.
  7. How Reliable is the Customer Support? : Getting a high-end IPTV service is only enough once it has reliable customer support. The IPTV service you are picking up should serve a vast range of services, and its customer care should also be efficient in handling different situations perfectly.
  8. What is the Costing? : IPTV services have become quite common these days. A wide range of IPTV services is readily available in the marketplace, claiming to offer the best services at affordable pricing. 

Each service provider offers special pricing and service packages to the users. One needs to analyze this and select the one that suits them well to their budget.

Is IPTV legal to watch - Across USA, UK, Canada & Middle East?

IPTV has become one of the most common and apparent choices of millions of people willing to enjoy their favorite channels worldwide. The legality of IPTV streaming differs a lot in different counties. It is always advised to check the concerned IPTV service provider before finalizing the decision.

The IPTV service you choose should be licensed and have all your preferred content playing on its platform. Moreover, it is always advised to have the copyright owner's permission to host the streaming content online. Platforms like Amazon Prime TV, Netflix, Hotstar, and different apps are legal and easy to use.

These platforms strictly follow the license and copyright regulations and ensure users have safe access. Moreover, one can easily find a wide range of IPTV service providers in the marketplace that provides their content without the owner's permission and h once known as illegal services. 

Subscribing to such options is illegal and considered a violation of always. So it is always advised to check the legality of the IPTV service you are picking.

How to use the best IPTV service in the USA, Canada & UK to Watch LIVE Channels in 2023

IPTV offers a wide range of content to users for streaming. Most of the legal IPTV service providers are owed to provide the legal content permitted by the country only. One can easily find a wide range of content online facing geo-restrictions issues. Accessing such content is quite difficult.

The only way to access such content is to get a secure VPN connection for your device. VPN masks your user identity and offers safe access to restricted content. Here we are with a detailed step-by-step guide for streaming IPTV services efficiently.

Select reliable and features-loaded VPN services that can hide your identity online.

Establish a successful connection using the VPN service to any geo-restricted option.

Once done, the next thing you have to do is to download the IPTV platform and then have to go for the suitable plan and subscribe to it.

The next thing you must do in the league is link your subscription with the IPTV platform using the M3U playlist. One can even choose the link provided by the service provider to move further with the process.

Once done, you can watch any of your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, without facing any issues. 

The Wordles Best IPTV Services in USA, UK & Canada










Top 10 IPTV Services in the Canada, USA & UK to Stream Your Favourite Channel

In this guide, I ranked & reviewed the Top 10 best USA, UK & Canada IPTV Services are #1.VocoTV, #2.Tribeiptv, #3.Necroiptv, #4.Xtremehdiptv, #5.Iptvgreat, #6.Hypersonictv, #7.Sportztvhd, #8.Resleektv, #10.Eternalhosting so that you can pick the best one for you.

#1. VocoTV

Vocotv - iptv streaming players in canada

VocoTV is one of the leading IPTV services in USA that offer you the facility of enjoying unlimited streams effortlessly. The platform is only designed to be convenient and easy to use so that everyone there can enjoy the best of it. 

The tool runs efficiently on Windows and smartphones and can be accessed conveniently regardless of location and time. This IPTV option is a great way to jump into unlimited live streaming within a few clicks.

VocoTV has three pricing options for users that make access even more convenient. One can easily opt for one month of entry at the cost of $15, 3 months of access for $40, 6 months for $75 pricing, and 1-year access for $120 pricing options. Each package offers the same features, such as:


  1. Live TV and Voco guide
  2. Unlimited movies and VOD programs
  3. PPV and live sports events
  4. No IP lock

What are the Pros?

  • Unlimited channels
  • It runs perfectly with a VPN
  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality 4K content
  • Premium sports programming
  • Supports all popular devices
  • Compatible with different platforms

What are the Cons?

  • It doesn't feature A&E and Turner Networks

It is one of the most reliable and affordable IPTV service options that offer convenient access to content from different locations.

#2. Tribeiptv [Shout Down]

Tribeiptv - UK IPTV technology providers

It is another popular Canada IPTV provider that offers premium IPTV content at affordable pricing. The platform provides a vast library of IPTV content without imposing any restrictions.

Users here can quickly access more than 7300 live TV channels and 9600 on-demand videos. The platform offers excellent compatibility over a wide range of operating systems like android, iOS, smart TVs, Firesticks, Windows & Mac PC, etc.

The platform offers different package options, including a 1-month plan for $10, a 3-month program for $24, 6 monthly plan for $40, a 1-year plan for $69, and 2 years plan for $120.


  1. Offers 7300+ channels
  2. Global access
  3. No locked locations
  4. Accepts different payment options
  5. Runs efficiently on different operating systems


  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Compatible with a variety of IPTV players
  • Offers access over VODs
  • Premium quality content


  • Features a limited channel list

The platform is quite famous for providing premium-quality IPTV services to users.

#3. Necroiptv

necroiptv-reddit smartv ott players

It is another best IPTV service provider from Canadian that offers access to a wide range of favorite TV shows and movies. The platform runs efficiently on multiple devices and doesn't require additional subscription charges. 

The platform offers different packages and premium plans for additional features. It is a beautiful platform to enjoy high-definition streaming quality always.

The platform offers three different packages to the users. One can easily enjoy a 24 Hours Trial package of £0.99, 1 Month of Full Access for £9.99, and 12 months of full access for £79.99. 


  1. The perfect lineup for English TV channels
  2. Inbuilt EPG guide
  3. Absolute support via tickets and community forums
  4. Absolutely VPN friendly
  5. No locked locations
  6. Compatible with different operating systems
  7. Offers more than 2000 live channels


  • Offers high-definition quality
  • Massive library of TV channels and movies
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Seamless access


  • It doesn't include any refund policy

Necro is truly a gem in the IPTV industry, taking one to unlimited content at affordable pricing.

#4. Xtremehdiptv

Xtreme HD IPTV is one of the finest international IPTV USA services in usa that offer users seamless access to more than 20000 live channels, VODs, EPGs, etc. 

The platform offers convenient access over a large selection of languages and doesn't impose any geo-restrictions on the users. It is a beautiful platform to watch live events and the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. 

The platform comes up with different pricing options where you can enjoy 36 Hours Trail at the cost of $3, a Monthly package at the price of $15.99, 3 Months package for $49.99, 6 Months package for $74.99, 1 Year package for $140.99 and Lifetime package for $500.


  1. Offers more than 20000 live channels
  2. High-definition quality streaming content
  3. Absolute 24 hours customer care support
  4. Unlimited VODs, EPGs, movies, and TV shows
  5. No locked locations


  • Featured with the latest technology
  • Multi Screen feature
  • Enables video streaming conveniently]
  • High-quality video streaming
  • Huge library


  • Only a very few payment methods

It is a beautiful platform for those eager to enjoy unlimited content without spending too much.

#5. Iptvgreat


IPTV Great is the fastest service provider in the UAE marketplace, offering access to a wide range of TV channels. The platform allows users to opt for a vast range of ordinary and premium channels and provides seamless access to over 1,20,000 movies and TV shows. 

The uptime of this great IPTV is quite impressive. 107+ servers, more than 7658 clients globally, and many more are there, making it the most popular choice among IPTV services globally. The platform serves HD, Full HD, or 4K video streaming to its users hassle-free.

IPTV Great comes up with four different package options, i.e., VIP IPTV Portal for one connection at, VIP IPTV Portal for two connections, VIP IPTV Portal for five connections, and VIP IPTV Portal for Lifetime.


  1. 99% Uptime
  2. More than 1,20,000 movies and VOD TV shows
  3. Over 35,000 ordinary and premium channels
  4. Consistent upgrades and uploading
  5. 24 x 7 customer assistance


  1. Great affordability
  2. Huge and well-managed library
  3. The high-quality streaming experience
  4. Offers accessibility over multiple connections


  • Higher internet packages are a bit costly

IPTV Great is a beautiful online streaming service that ensures users have seamless accessibility over multiple connections simultaneously.

#6. Hypersonictv

Being featured with thousands of IPTV services from USA, Hypersonic TV is one of the finest IPTV services available that offer a free trial package for 24 hours without any cost. It is a simple and easy-to-go platform with a wide selection of more than 7000 channels and VOD content. 

The platform offers seamless access from anywhere in the world without imposing geographical restrictions. Hypersonic TV is well known for the exclusive FHD content it serves for live PPV events.

Hypersonic TV offers three packages to the users, i.e., Person for $70, Reseller for $45, and Restream for $2 for different periods.


  1. More than 7500 channels
  2. Affordable pricing
  3. VOD content
  4. No hooked up locations
  5. Access over a wide range of channels, including international
  6. Standalone APK
  7. Compatibility over different operating systems
  8. 24 x 7 customer support


  • Compatible with major IPTV players
  • Great way to stay connected with the majority of your TV programs
  • Ensured high-definition content
  • No hooked location


  • Pricing options are a bit higher

Hypersonic TV ensures users have seamless and quick access to online streaming platforms. The IPTV service runs smoothly on a wide range of media.

#7. Sportztvhd

Sportz TV HD is an excellent option if you are a die-hard sports fan and want to take advantage of your favorite sports. The platform has a vast library with more than 12000 live channels and VOD. It is a great way to enjoy the extreme world of HD sports effortlessly. 

High-quality streaming absolute TV guide, a vast range of premium channels, and much more are there to enjoy. The IPTV service runs efficiently on multiple platforms and doesn't feature any hardcore skills to navigate on. 

The platform features three different package options for the users, including 1 Month for $15.99, 3 Months for $25,99, and 12 Months for $49.99. The pricing of this package may differ depending on the number of connections you are willing to have here.


  1. More than 13,300 Live HD premium channels
  2. More than 5000 VOD options
  3. Full EPG TV Guide
  4. A wide range of sports channels
  5. Full support to different devices
  6. No location hooked


  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Runs efficiently on the majority of the operating systems
  • Great affordability
  • High-quality streaming


  • Lagging issues faced sometimes

SportzTVHD is a great way to enjoy a wide range of sports packages in 60FPS HD HD.

#8. Resleektv

The ResleekTV is another beautiful way to enjoy the world of gaming with absolutely high-quality content. It is a fantastic platform that helps you stream premium sports content, including boxing, UFA, and much more efficiently. 

The IPTV service offers accessibility over more than 30,000 channels. One can easily enjoy and check on the services here with the 48 hours free trial option. The platform allows users to customize the different channels per their preferences. 

ResleekTV offers four different IPTV packages to its users, 1 Month package for €13.95, 3 Month package for € 29.95, 6 Months package for €54.95, and 12 Months package for €84.95.


  1. Access over more than 15,000 premium live channels
  2. More than 30,000 VOD and TV series
  3. Complete EPG guide
  4. Automatic channel updation
  5. 100$ uptime
  6. High-quality content
  7. Free installation and update


  • Full HD programs
  • Channel customization option
  • Works well with different operating systems
  • Provides access to local TV and language preferences


  • Higher pricing options

It is a beautiful sport-dedicated IPTV service for UK that offers affordable accessibility over a wide range of sports channels.

#9. Eternalhosting

Eternal Hosting is an excellent option for all families willing to enjoy the extreme fun of entertainment. The platform offers unlimited access to the most extensive collection of live TV channels and movies, and shows on demand.

It is a seamless platform that doesn't impose any hidden charges on the users. The platform features hassle-free navigation while ensuring high-quality content.

The platform offers three package options for engaging users: they can easily opt for the monthly services at $11.99, the Semi-annual option for $59.94, and the annual package for $83.88.


  1. Offers convenient recording of TV channels
  2. It doesn't impose any extra charges for any features
  3. Absolute compatibility with multiple devices
  4. 24 x 7 customer support
  5. HD and SD quality content
  6. A wide range of new movies and series
  7. It doesn't lock any contract


  1. A wide range of channels and VODs
  2. Complete EPG guide
  3. Seamless navigation
  4. High-quality streaming


  • Charges imposed are a bit higher than its competitors

Eternal Hosting offers a great streaming platform for families that fulfill the demand for graphic content with its vast library.

#10. Blerdvisionhosting

Blurred Vision-Hosting is one of the most affordable Firestick IPTV services for United states of America that offer very affordable services to its users. The IPTV service runs efficiently on multiple devices. 

This service is a great way to enjoy over 5000 international channels from different parts of the world. The package comes up with a day free trial period, which can be further extended depending upon one's need. 

Blurred Vision-Hosting offers three affordable pricing hosting where one can easily enjoy 1 Month subscription at the cost of $6 for one connection. 

In contrast, if you are willing to enjoy the same services on three connections, you have to pay $10 here. To enjoy IPTV services over three connections for 3 Months, one must spend $30. 


  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Plug-and-play technology
  3. It doesn't require any activation or cancellation charges
  4. Support multiple operating systems
  5. Offers more than 5000 international channels
  6. Different payment options


  1. High-end compatibility
  2. Absolute personal support
  3. Easy navigation
  4. No hooked locations


The standard plan is available for a single device only.

Additional IPTV Subscritpion Provider Recommended by Others [U.S.A, India, Canada]

#11. Worthy Stream

Worthy Stream has gained a solid and sturdy foothold as the best IPTV Canada subscription service provider according to leading tech blogs. Having a geographical reach of 40 plus countries, you need not wait to search for the best platform or recommendations as you can simply opt for this service to access live events, a multitude of VOD streams, premium channels, and TV series, all at the click of the button. 

There are several IPTV providers in the market but not all claim to give the best satisfaction and quality, Worthy Stream has truly shown their worth in terms of bufferless content, dedicated customer support, a reliable streaming platform, and a quick navigation panel. Without a doubt, we recommend using this IPTV provider if you need a faster activation and installation experience.  

Let’s look at Worthy Stream IPTV’s prominent features:

  • Their IPTV channels support over 15000 UHD/FHD/HD/SD channels.
  • Users can use multiple devices from a single account but limitations exist on streaming content to a single device.
  • Jitter-free streaming because of 99.9% uptime SLA availability.
  • Their IPTV services are VPN friendly and come with a refund policy of 3 days.

Additional notable features of Worthy Stream IPTV

  • Over 15k plus TV channels, 40k plus movies, and TV series thus making it the biggest repository of media streams.

Merits that take Worthy Stream to Next Level

  • Makes use of the H264 technology for providing buffer-free streaming of videos.
  • Use of global edge infra to stream content from the nearest cloud servers.
  • Options to upgrade VODs and channels daily.
  • Allows streaming content on all platforms and devices.

Demerits of this IPTV provider

  • Includes a free trial for 24 hours.
  • The free trial does not include features and options listed under the premium TV channels.

#12. Eternal TV

Leading TV Channels and Movies & Shows Provider For USA

Eternal Hosting is the best fit if you’re a young parent having kids and looking for TV programs that everyone in the home loves watching.

The portal offers something for everyone in the family. With over 13000 channels and 2000 movies and shows, you can select the best set of channels you want to watch.

The strength of Eternal Hosting is its service to customers, as many of its clients are extremely happy about its service offerings.

#13. IPTV Great

Most Popular IPTV Subscription For UK

If you’re looking for a service provider that will help you enjoy channels from other countries, then IPTV Great should be your choice. The portal offers full HD videos that can be played on any device from any part of the globe.

The service provider offers a wide array of channels to choose from different packages. The portal is powered with sorting facility to find the best packaged based on popularity, low to high prices, etc.

The company is known for its reliability and robust customer service all over the globe. Watch TV on your own schedule from any part of the world without hassle with the help of IPTV Great.

#14. Mom IPTV

Secure, Reliable & Scalable IPTV Service Provider

MOM IPTV is the best iptv subscription service provider globally, with no setup fees and fast activation. The company supplies solid Internet Protocol TV to different countries to fulfil the users’ needs and renders reliable TV services with a 24hours free trial. This premium Internet Protocol TV provider offers 12000+ channels.

It has a private server with a bandwidth of +10Gbps. It has many outstanding features, which keep this iptv best in the market. The anti-freeze technology with the best quality and compression output is the best. Therefore, it attracts the attention of streaming lovers very much.

It comes along with multi-device compatibility, and thus users will access this streaming service from smart TV, PC, mobile, etc. The company is working to improve the user experience in the entertainment sector and thus provide 24*7 customer support service.

Whenever users confront an issue, they can call and speak with the support team. Unlike other IPTV service providers, it delivers subscription services with 99.99% uptime. You can watch high-quality streaming services starting from $14. It is also the best iptv server for Android Box and Firesticks TV. Following the simple instructions is enough to install it on your device. If you want to bring a complete entertainment set to your home, subscribe to this IPTV service.

Some Of Its Additional Features Are:

  • Built through new antifreeze technology with the right compression and the best output to watch videos
  • It has multi-device compatibility from the android TV and other Samsung TV, LG PC and much more.
  • The customer assures to get a valuable helpline, which is applicable to open at 24*7 hours.
  • It delivers subscription best IPTV service within 99% uptime.
  • It has different plans such as basic, standard, professional and enterprises with various price options.
  • It has free updated and built with a stable server.
  • It provides instant activation and faster support at all times.
  • It is applicable to join in the Live Chat and leave a message.

MOM IPTV Major Highlights:

  • Free Trial : No
  • Channels: 1200 Live channels
  • Devices : All Smart Apps & TVs
  • Payment : US Dollar Only

#15. Birdiptv

Build Your Own TV Channel

Our Birdiptv is famous among the various IPTV customers as they can watch various TV channels without any limit. The price of the service will be affordable but with the reliable one. The various categories of the channels are available such as the news, movies, sports, documentary, and others. The Channels are available in Full HD, and also the premium 12000 live streaming channels are present. It is easy for the customers to use any IPTV device to enjoy our live service.

We are having good customer support that will help our customers to explore the various services and features. Our quality and resolution will be high, making the customers feel fully entertained and happy. This package contains a single connection only, but if the customers want, they can get more connections after the registration process.

We are also providing 15000 free movies and TV shows through the internet. We are offering various plans that will contain a different set of features, so the users have to be the best ones. The payment for our service is possible through net banking, credit or debit card, Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoins, etc.

Some Of Its Additional IPTV Features Are:

  • Antifreeze technology: Our Bird IPTV provides the option to deliver the channels and the live streaming in full clarity. Our service is available for worldwide customers.
  • Full HD:  The users can simply enjoy watching the movies and the TV channels in FHD, which will be big entertainment.
  • 24/7 customer service: Our customer service will always give you a hand in a difficult situation, so we are always with you.
  • Get the refund: When you make the payment but want to withdraw, then surely we are ready to refund your amount immediately.
  • Regular update of server: We always care for the quality of the service, and so our servers are regularly updated.

Top Frequently Asked Questions for IPTV Subcritpions in UK, USA & Canada

  1. What is IPTV?

IPTV means Internet Protocol Television. It features cost-effective technology that helps stream many movies, web series and episodes at your convenience.

2. Can we also use IPTV services outside the USA, UK, and Canada?

Sure. Most IPTV services offer complete access over the library in and around the world.

3. Is IPTV safe to use?

The safety of IPTV services depends upon their reliability and popularity. Using a secure VPN shield is always advised to enjoy smooth access to IPTV services.

4. Can I get IPTV for free?

The majority of IPTV services offer different subscription plans for other services. Moreover, one can also find some service providers in the marketplace offering free trial versions of the related services.

5. Is Netflix considered IPTV?

No. Netflix is an OTT platform that offers on-demand entertainment to users.

6. How many devices can I get connected with my IPTV service?

IPTV imposes restrictions on connecting devices. One can quickly check for the service provider and can get to know about the different devices allowed to be connected.


So, Guys! It is all about one of the top 10 Canada IPTV services. IPTV services offer a massive platform for users to surf the streaming world.

Opting for reliable IPTV services is a daunting task. One needs to consider the different factors to make a perfect selection.

A vast range of IPTV services often makes selection a bit daunting. The guide provided from Trust firms will help you find the ultimate IPTV service that suits your needs well. If you have any doubts to get clarified, you can drop your comments below. The respond will be expected soon.


Rupert  Beatty

Rupert Beatty


Angular Meets RxJS: RxJS Operators


This article belongs to a series called “Angular meets RxJS” in which I try to explain reactive programming using “RxJS” in an “Angular” context the best I can.

Table of contents

Basic concepts

RxJS subjects

RxJS operators (Part 1)

RxJS operators (Part 2)

RxJS operators (Part 3)

“takeUntil” and the “async” pipe

Higher-order observables

Error handling

RxJS schedulers (coming soon)

Mini-project: Build a Pokedex (coming soon)

In the previous article…

…we talked about functional programming, marble diagrams and creation operators. We used them to create observables out of regular values or by combining other observables. Now, we’re going to see the other type of operators: the pipeable ones. These operators are used to transform an observable into another one.

There are more than a hundred of operators so it’s obvious that I won’t talk about all of them. Indeed, I’ll focus on the most popular and useful ones. However, if you have any question or if you think that I forgot an important one, please tell me in the comments and I’ll update the article.

#angular #reactive-programming #observables #javascript #rxjs

Shawn  Durgan

Shawn Durgan


Reactive Programming: Hot Vs. Cold Observables

The Observer Pattern is at the core of reactive programming, and observables come in two flavors: hot and cold. This is not explicit when you are coding, so this article explains how to tell the difference and switch to a hot observable. The focus is on hot observables. The concepts here are relevant to all languages that support reactive programming, but the examples are in C#. It’s critical to understand the distinction before you start doing reactive programming because it will bring you unstuck if you don’t.

Please support this blog by signing up for my course Introduction to Uno Platform.

Reactive Programming

It’s hard to clearly define what Reactive Programming is because it spans so many languages and platforms, and it has overlap with programming constructs like events in C#. I recommend reading through the Wikipedia article because it attempts to give a history of reactive programming and provide objective information.

In a nutshell, reactive programming is about responding to events in the form of sequences (also known as streams) of data. Technically, any programming pattern that deals with this is a form of reactive programming. However, a pattern called the Observer pattern has emerged as the de facto standard for reactive programming. Most programming languages have frameworks for implementing the observer pattern, and the observer pattern has become almost synonymous with reactive programming.

Here are some popular frameworks:

RxJS (JavaScript)

ReactiveUI (.Net)

ReactiveX (Java oriented – with implementations for many platforms)

RxDart (Dart)

The concept is simple. Observables hold information about observers who subscribe to sequences of notifications. The observable is responsible for sending notifications to all of the subscribed observers.

Note: The publish-subscribe (pub/sub pattern) is a closely related pattern, and although technically different, is sometimes used interchangeably with the observer pattern.

Hot Observables

Hot observables start producing notifications independently of subscriptions. Cold observables only produce notifications when there are one or more subscriptions.

Take some time to read up about the observer pattern if you are not familiar. If you start Googling, be prepared for many different interpretations of the meaning. This article explains it well and gives examples in C#. This article is another good article on the topic of hot and cold observables.

A hot observable is simpler because only one process runs to generate the notifications, and this process notifies all the observers. A hot observable can start without any subscribed observers and can continue after the last observer unsubscribes.

On the other hand, a cold observable process generally only starts when a subscription occurs and shuts down when the subscription ends. It can run a process for each subscribed observer. This is for more complex use cases. #c# #reactive programming #software #dart #hot observable #java #javascript #observable #observer pattern #pubsub #reactive #reactiveui