How to Create a Fully Functional Quiz Application using React

How to Create a Fully Functional Quiz Application using React

Learn how to create a fully functional Quiz Application using React and how to handle the different state hooks based on the state.

In this tutorial we’ll see how to create a quiz app and how to handle the different state hooks based on the state.

Scenarios in our Quiz App

  1. When the question displays, user have to clicks a button from the options.
  2. After answer button is clicked, go to next question.
  3. If answer is correct, increment the score.
  4. After answering all the questions, score will be displayed.

The code

Now open your starter code and go to App.js and make your questions and answers and stored it as an array called questions. Our quiz is about to ready.

Next task is going to get the question from array and display it on the screen. For this, we have to type *{question[0]} *to get the first question from the question array.

<div className='question-text'>{questions[0]}</div>

Now, just do {question[0].questionText} to get access to the question text for this object. Here, the first question is an object, so dot notation(.) is used to get access the properties.

<div className='question-text'>{questions[0].questionText}</div> 

It is now clear that we are taking the first question text from the first object in our questions array. Similarly, the procedure is also same for the answer options.

In this, we will use the map function. We know that, map function is used to loops over the array and gives us the current item the loop is currently at, in the form of a variable.

Here, map function is used to loop over the answer options for a given question.

The first question is an object, which contains an array of answerOptions. We can access this array by using dot notation: questions[0].answerOptions

Because the answerOptions is an array, we can map over this: questions[0]

<div className='answer-section'>
    {questions[0], index) => (

Inside the map function, we render a button for each answerOption, and display the text.

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