Creating Azure Data Shares for Azure SQL Database

Creating Azure Data Shares for Azure SQL Database

This article will walk you through the process of creating Azure Data Shares for an Azure SQL Database.


A typical data ecosystem of any large-scale enterprise consists of numerous data repositories as well as different groups of users who need to consume or access this data for a variety of purposes. At times, these data repositories may be integrated, and at times these data may exist in a siloed manner. Such siloed data topologies create the need for data sharing. Also, generally, there are third-party partner systems with which an enterprise constantly needs to exchange data which creates a requirement for data sharing within and across the enterprise. Azure supports several data repositories of which one of the most popular data repositories is SQL Database.

Azure provides a mechanism to create governed data shares using Azure Data Share. Data sharing is a two-part process – the first part is creating the data share of the desired data repository and data object with the intended configuration and scope for data sharing. The second part is accepting the data share and configuring the received data share for consumption. In this part of the article, we will learn how to create a data share for Azure SQL Databases.

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