How to Rename Columns in Pandas Python?

How to Rename Columns in Pandas Python?

To rename column in pandas either use df.columns=[new columns] or you can use rename function like df.rename=(column={'old': 'new'}).

To rename columns in dataframe in Pandas python, you can either provide new columns in column property or you can use rename() function.

Consider this code –

>>> superHeroDF = pd.DataFrame({'marvel':["Ironman", "Thor"], 'dc': ["Superman", "Batman"]})
>>> superHeroDF
    marvel   dc
0   Ironman  Superman
1   Thor     Batman


In this code we have created a panda dataframe with two columns – marvel and dc. In marvel we have two superhero Ironman and Thor while in dc we have Superman and Batman. Suppose, we want to rename columns marvel and dc to avenger and justice league, then we can do it in following ways –

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