Golang Cheatsheet for Node.js Developers

Golang Cheatsheet for Node.js Developers

Golang cheat sheets for Node.js developers. Golang examples compared to Node.js. This guide full of examples is intended for people learning golang-cheat-sheet that are coming from Node.js, although the vice versa can work too. golang-for-node-js-developers

Golang__ examples compared to __Node.js

(original open source: https://github.com/miguelmota/golang-for-nodejs-developers — I added and modified a lot of examples for more context, conciseness and JS idiomaticness)

Will add WebAssembly examples — so keep coming back!

This guide full of examples is intended for people learning Go that are coming from Node.js, although the vice versa can work too. This is not meant to be a complete guide and it is assumed that you’ve gone through the  Tour of Go tutorial. This guide is meant to be barely good enough to help you at a high level understand how to do X in Y and doing further learning on your own is of course required.


  • Examples
  • comments
  • printing
  • logging
  • variables
  • interpolation
  • types
  • type check
  • if/else
  • ternary
  • for
  • while
  • switch
  • arrays
  • uint8 arrays
  • array iteration
  • buffers
  • maps
  • objects
  • functions
  • default values
  • destructuring
  • spread operator
  • rest operator
  • swapping
  • classes
  • generators
  • datetime
  • timeout
  • interval
  • IIFE
  • files
  • json
  • big numbers
  • uint
  • promises
  • async/await
  • streams
  • event emitter
  • errors
  • try/catch
  • exceptions
  • regex
  • exec (sync)
  • exec (async)
  • tcp server
  • udp server
  • http server
  • url parse
  • gzip
  • dns
  • crypto
  • env vars
  • cli args
  • cli flags
  • stdout
  • stderr
  • stdin
  • modules
  • stack trace
  • databases
  • testing
  • benchmarking
  • documentation

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