The Secrets of Memory Leaks in JavaScript You Don’t Know

The Secrets of Memory Leaks in JavaScript You Don’t Know

In this article, I will discuss the secrets of memory leaks in javascript you don’t know. Debug with Chrome DevTools and find the solution!

Have you ever been asked such a question during the interview: if a webpage freezes, what do you think might be the cause? Is there any way to find the cause and solve it?

This is a broad and in-depth question, which involves a lot of page performance optimization issues. I still remember how I answered this question when I was asked in the interview:

  1. First check whether there are too many network requests, which results in slower data transfer. This problem can be optimized by caching.
  2. It is also possible that the bundle of a certain resource is too large, we can consider splitting it.
  3. Examine our JavaScript code to see if there are too many loops somewhere that are taking too long on the main thread.
  4. Maybe that the browser rendered too many things in a certain frame.
  5. During the page rendering process, there may be a lot of repeated reflow and repaint.
  6. Maybe something else, I don’t know…

Later, I realized that the pages’ long sensory stuttering could also be caused by memory leaks. In this article, I will discuss the topic with you.


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