The Roam CSS System

The idea behind it

Roam Research is an awesome tool for note-taking, interconnecting ideas, brainstorming, structuring topics — in short, it contains almost everything you need to build a second brain.

While we all enjoy the technical aspects of this application, not everyone shares the same aesthetic taste. Some like it more minimal, some more colorful. One may prefer a dark mode while another one loves the light mode or wants the theme to automatically change whenever the OS setting changes.

Roam Research supports custom CSS for a long time, but whenever something in the background of the application changes, you have to update your custom settings. This can be a quite time-intense process and has to be done by every single user who wants to change their CSS.

This leads me to the idea, to abstract the underlying technology in a way that the normal, non-technical user could concentrate on the optical changes without knowing all the details.

Quick Start

Customize it

What to do if something doesn’t work?

A brief look behind the curtain

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 The Roam CSS System