To-Do App made with Deno, React.js & MongoDB

To-Do App made with Deno, React.js & MongoDB

Deno / React / MongoDB TODO app Simple TODO, fetch, add, update and delete items.

Deno / React / MongoDB TODO app

Simple TODO, fetch, add, update and delete items.

Built With

  • Deno - JavaScript/TypeScript runtime
  • Oak - Middleware framework kinda like Express
  • React.js - Frontend framework
  • MongoDB - Database



Make sure to have Git, Node.js 10.0.0 (or higher) and Deno 1.5.0 (or higher) installed.

  1. Clone it or fork it.

  2. Once you have your local copy, install the frontend dependencies using either Yarn:

cd frontend-app && yarn

or npm:

cd frontend-app && npm install

or the best:

cd frontend-app && pnpm install
  1. For the backend create an .env file under /deno with the following properties according to your MongoDB configuration:


After installed, you can start the frontend by running it with Yarn:

cd frontend-app && yarn start

or npm:

cd frontend-app && npm run start

or pnpm:

cd frontend-app && pnpm start

And the backend with Deno:

cd deno && deno run --unstable --allow-net --allow-env --allow-read --allow-write --allow-plugin app.ts


Gustavo Máximo –

Download Details:

Author: GoldenMaximo

Source Code:

deno node react mongodb

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