How to Automate your DWH Deployments

How to Automate your DWH Deployments

Efficient development processes are based on automated processes to test, integrate, and deploy applications into production. With typical applications, this is quite an easy task. For database applications, it’s a bit harder. This article explains why and how to execute this process successfully.

Some time ago, I wrote about the Challenges in Automating Multi-Schema Database Deployments. It was about why automated database deployments are crucial to efficient development processes and why they are challenging to establish with multi-schema applications.

Automating Multi-Schema-Database Deployments — The challenges!

Deployment of Multi-Schema-Database Applications is different from deploying your regular Single-Schema-Database! This…

After implementing many automated DWH deployment processes, I now summarized the most important steps to get there and explain why not only technological implementations have to be made but also process changes and why they are crucial.

A deployment process from hell

Manual deployments include all the processes that require manual steps to install your software into production. Those manual steps can be:

  • Emailing the install scripts to other people (lack of centralized repository).

  • Manual execution of installation scripts (lack of automated pipelines).

  • Copying files around (lack of centralized repository).

  • Sending emails (lack of automated processes).

  • People outside the team execute the installation (lack of ownership).

    Image for post

Example of a manual deployment process where communication happens over email.

In the picture above, an example of a manual deployment process is shown. The team member sends an installation package over email to the DBA. The DBA then manually installs the scripts on the target database. He then sends an email back to the team member with a message if the deployment was successful or not. If it wasn’t, he attaches a log file with the error. The team member then has to start looking for the problem and sends a fix again to the DBA…

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