What is TypeScript? Why TypeScript? and Why Not TypeScript?

TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding Types. There are many great reasons to switch to TypeScript. Especially if your team uses JavaScript. There are some reasons to not use TypeScript as there are with any language or framework.

What’s New In Typescript 4.0?

Today I am going to talk about new features in Typescript 4.0. TypeScript 4.0 comes with lots of new features to make JavaScript development easier.

Introduction to TypeScript | TypeScript Tutorial | TypeScript for Beginners

★ This video will give you an introductory overview of Typescript and the best way to learn it ★ TypeScript is a programming language that helps you write JavaScript code effortlessly and efficiently ★ Typescript is part of our Live Training module on Angular. ★ Topics Covered in the video: ✓ Introduction to TypeScript ✓ Installation ✓ Variables ✓ Data Types ✓ Functions ✓ Interfaces ✓ Classes ✓ Access Modifiers

Learn TypeScript | TypeScript Crash Course | TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners

Learn TypeScript | TypeScript Crash Course | TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners: My goal with this courses is just give your the fundamentals of the language, show you what TypeScript is and how to use it. We as developers don't have time neither can we afford to spend too much time on any tehcnology.

Will TypeScript Replace JavaScript? Learn TypeScript | TypeScript Tutorial 2021

In today's video, I'm gonna show you all the basic concepts you need to know to be successful with TypeScript as well as how you can start using TypeScript right away with React. TypeScript will make you a better JavaScript developer for several reasons. You’ll feel confident when writing code. Fewer errors will appear in your production code. It will be easier to refactor code. You’ll write fewer tests. And overall, you’ll have a better coding experience in your editor.