React Native Next Input

React Native Next Input

React-native component which will automatically change focus to next input element making it great to use when making OTP screens, pin based login screens or even date of birth component



React-native component which will automatically change focus to next input element making it great to use when making OTP screens, pin based login screens or even date of birth component

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npm install react-native-next-input --save


Import react-native-next input

import NextTextInput from 'react-native-next-input'

and then use it like this


where we are capturing the input from the child component in inputFromChildComponent like this

inputFromChildComponent = (combinedValueArray, currentValue, refForTheCurrentValue) => {
            console.log(combinedValueArray, currentValue,  refForTheCurrentValue)

Clear Input

  1. Pass a boolean state set to false initally to NextTextInput

You can change clear the input by changing the state to true

verifyOTP = () => {
    try {
        if (currentNumbersEntered.length === 4) {
            phoneInstance.verifyOtp(currentNumbersEntered )

            props.navigation.navigate('SucessAuth') // Assume this throws error and code goes to catch statement
        } else {
            // To display error
            dropDownAlertRef.alertWithType('error', 'Error', frontendErrors.OTP_LENGTH)
    } catch (err) {
        // Since user entered invalid otp, we decide to clear text in input box
        setInvalid(true) // this will clear input  

inputFromChildComponent = (combinedValueArray, currentValue, refForTheCurrentValue) => {
    if (clear) {
        // If you have cleared the state or passed true in clear props, it's recommended that you re-change it to false
    console.log(combinedValueArray, currentValue,  refForTheCurrentValue)


Prop Type Default Required description
noOfTextInput number null Yes No of text input elements you want for example in case of otp screen it could be 4 text-input elements, In case of date of birth it could be 8 (DD-MM-YYYY)
onChangeValue function null Yes the function to capture the input value entered by the user, this function recieves three parameters, the entire updated array holding entered value(s), the current value entered by user, and ref for the current value (see above example)
placeholder array empty array No If in case you want to have a placeholder value for your input elements, for example in case of date of birth you might want TextInput to have dd-mm-yyyy (pass an array for placeholder like this: ['D', 'D', 'M', 'M', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y', 'Y'])
displayColum boolean false No By default orientation of text input element is keept to be false, meaning the Text input would have flexDirection: row, by setting true, you will change the flexDirection to column
keyboardType String numeric No Since, this parameter is being passed to <TextInput, it supports all the values as mentioned in react-native documentation for TextInput, by default the value is set to numeric
textInputStyle object null No Styling for your the mapped-input element (the above style of boxes in case of the otp screen)
parentViewStyle object null no the styling for the parent view under which the input elements are mapped
value Array null No Array containing default values/or values user might have previously entered in the forn
clear Boolean false No When true it will clear everything in the input boxes and change focus to first box
isInputCleared function null no this function emits value to parent function passed once the state is cleared


  1. Example of Date Picker Component
  2. Example of OTP Component

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Author: blendtale

Source Code:

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