Flexible Entities with Class-transformer

Flexible Entities with Class-transformer

Hello dear readers!

Hello dear readers!


Each developer worked, working or will work with API for getting remote data. These data returns as some kind of models, entities or format. But We often have a lot of problems with data format and code case.


For example let’s make request to TMDB to get latest movie:

  "title": "Movie name",
  "overview": "Movie overview",  
  "release_date": "2020-11-02",
  "adult": false,
  "runtime": 5400

Next We could use simple JavaScript object or class instance for storing data.

const response = await axios.get(
const data = response.data;
// or
class LatestMovie {
  // Properties

  constructor(params) {
    // Init properties from params

But both cases has problems:

  1. Simple JavaScript object don’t give any information about stored data and force us to work with snake_case code(No JS way);
  2. Class description has a lot of boilerplate code(describing properties and initialization in constructor and also working with snake_case code in constructor);

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