GDPR Compliance - Digital Inspiration

GDPR Compliance - Digital Inspiration

With GDPR, you must have explicit consent from your email subscribers that they would like to receive emails from you. It is recommended that you use double opt-in to align.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is aimed at giving citizens throughout the European Union (EU) control over their personal data. GDPR applies to you if you are a European Union citizen or, as a business, if your email subscribers are EU citizens, or you deal with any kind of personal data of EU citizens.

How our add-ons enable you to comply with EU’s GDPR policies

As a customer, you operate as the data controller and we are considered a data processor. You have the responsibility for ensuring that the personal data of subjects you are collecting is being processed lawfully and, similar to controllers, processors, that processes personal data on behalf of a data controller, are expected to comply with the GDPR.

Data Collection

With GDPR, you must have explicit consent from your email subscribers that they would like to receive emails from you. It is recommended that you use double opt-in to align with GDPR compliance requirements. For EU individuals who are already on your marketing lists, you may need to contact them by email asking them to confirm their consent.

You should include a visible unsubscribe link in your marketing emails that your subscribers can click to instantly unsubscribe from all your future communications.

Data Storage and Processing

All your customer’s data is stored in your Google account, inside Google Sheets, Docs, Gmail, Google Drive or Google Forms and not on our servers. Our addons read the data directly from your data source and perform the necessary actions (like sending emails, generating documents, saving emails) without transferring any personal data.

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