50 Most Popular Data Science Questions Asked In Interviews 2021

50 Most Popular Data Science Questions Asked In Interviews 2021

Here are 50 popular questions that you need to prepare for to get a data science job in 2021. To prepare yourself well, here are 50 questions that a data science interviewee might ask you.

Data science is a booming field and employers are looking for dynamic data scientists. Here are 50 popular questions that you need to prepare for to get a data science job.

Data science is a booming field in the tech world. If you’re looking to make a successful career in data science, anticipating the interview can be an anxious task. Whether you’re an experienced professional, a newbie, or hold many data science certifications, interviewers can render you speechless with unexpected questions. That won’t work, right?

What Should You Expect At The Interview?

A data science interview will consist of questions from various topics related to the field because employers will be looking for someone with strong technical knowledge and good communication skills. Many of these questions will be designed to intentionally keep you on the edge of your seat to see how you perform under pressure, so be prepared and confident.

To prepare yourself well, here are 50 questions that a data science interviewee might ask you. Use this as a guide to prepare answers that will resonate with the company. You can also bookmark this article for spot references.

50 Crucial Data Science Questions

1. What is the life cycle of a single data science project?

2. How will you measure yield (over baseline) resulting from a new or refined algorithm or architecture?

3. What is cross-validation and what’s the correct procedure for doing it?

4. What’s better, designing robust or accurate algorithms?

5. Have you written a production code before? Did you prototype an algorithm and created a proof of concept?

6. What is the biggest data set you have worked with, with regards to the training set size, having your own algorithm implemented in production mode to process billions of transactions?

7. What are some popular API’s and how will you create one?

8. Can you scape web data or collect tons of tweets? If yes, how?

9. How will you optimize algorithms? Answer with examples.


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