Array.find Method in JavaScript Tutorial for beginners

Array.find Method in JavaScript Tutorial for beginners

The Array.find() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript which is used to get the value of the first element in the array that satisfies the provided condition.It checks all the elements of the array and whichever the first element satisfies the condition is going .

When to Use Array.find

The function and syntax of find() is very much like the Array.filter method, except it only returns a single element. Another difference is when nothing is found, this method returns a value of undefined.

So if you only need a single value, use find()! When you need to find/return multiple values, reach for filter() instead.

How to Use Array.find

Using find() is super easy! The only required parameter of this method is a testing function, and it can be as simple or complex as needed. In its most basic form:

array.find(testingFunction); // that's it!

Simple example

Here’s a simple example with an array of strings:

const trees = [ 

const result = trees.find(tree => tree.startsWith("m"));

// "maple"

In non-shorthand, non-ES6 form:

const result = trees.find(function(tree) {
  return tree.startsWith("m");

// "maple"

Using with objects

We can use find() to easily search arrays of objects, too!

const trees = [
  { name: "birch", count: 4 },
  { name: "maple", count: 5 },
  { name: "oak", count: 2 }

const result = trees.find(tree => === "oak");

// { name: "oak", count, 2 }

Using the same example, notice if we use find() when a test has multiple results, we only get the first value found:

const result = trees.find(tree => tree.count > 2);

// { name: "birch", count: 4 }

This is an instance where you should probably use filter() instead. See the difference?

Tip: Separating the testing function

Sometimes you’ll want to re-use the same find() test function in multiple places. In that case, it can be really helpful to create a separate testing function.

Let’s demo this technique, expanding on our previous examples:

const deciduous = [
  { name: "birch", count: 4 },
  { name: "maple", count: 5 },
  { name: "oak", count: 2 }

const evergreens = [ { name: "cedar", count: 2 }, { name: "fir", count: 6 }, { name: "pine", count: 3 } ];

// our testing function const hasFiveOrMore = el => el.count >= 5;

const decResult = deciduous.find(hasFiveOrMore); // { name: "maple", count: 5 }

const evgResult = evergreens.find(hasFiveOrMore); // { name: "fir", count: 6 }

Simple, but powerful! 💪

Using the index parameter

Like filter(), there is an optional index parameter we can use. Here’s one last example, using it as part of our testing function:

const evergreens = [
  { name: "cedar", count: 2 },
  { name: "fir", count: 6 },
  { name: "pine", count: 3 }

// suppose we need to skip the first element const result = evergreens.find((tree, i) => { if (tree.count > 1 && i !== 0) return true; });

// { name: "fir", count: 6 }

The index is probably not something you’ll need often — but it’s great to have available at times.


Array.find is a simple but incredibly useful method for searching JavaScript arrays.

Just remember: only use find when you want a single element returned, and that it returns undefined if nothing is found! Otherwise, use the filter method when you need multiple elements returned.

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