How To Install and Use VirtualBox for Beginners (Linux, Windows, Mac)

How To Use VirtualBox is a Tutorial for Beginners. VirtualBox can be used on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS to install other platforms on the same computer. VirtualBox is a great tool for Beginners who want to switch between Windows 10, Linux, and MacOS. Figure out How to Use VirtualBox and Install with this tutorial.

VirtualBox is developed by Oracle and thanks to them we have a very powerful free virtualization software which is more than suitable for most computers.  Virtualization just refers to a process where you create a virtual machine in the emulated environment such as VirtualBox. And a Virtual Machine is just a platform that runs an emulated computer with the hardware and resources that are available alongside you main computer in the Virtual Environment. 

00:00 - VirtualBox
00:50 - Download VirtualBox
01:35 - Installing VirtualBox
02:30 - VirtualBox First Start and Explanation
03:30 - Exploring VirtualBox Software
04:10 - Looking at Preferences
05:40 - Creating Virtual Machine (Kali Linux)
12:00 - Editing the Hardware Used by the Virtual Machine
15:20 - Selecting a Disk/ISO/Installer to Run on Virtual Machine (Kali Linux)
18:00 - Starting the Virtual Machine
19:40 - Changing Virtual Machine Options Live
21:30 - Snapshots, Startups, and Finishing up


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How To Install and Use VirtualBox for Beginners (Linux, Windows, Mac)

How to Install Arch Linux on VirtualBox on Windows 10 for Beginners

How to Install Arch Linux on VirtualBox with Windows 10 in 2021. This Arch Linux Install on VirtualBox is intended for beginners. Install and Try Arch Linux in 2021 for the first time today.
This install will require some intermediate knowledge of linux commands in a terminal. A great reference is the Arch Linux wiki page which has install instructions and we’ll base the install off their suggested installation procedure. If you get lost or need more information please refer to their documentation:

We’ll go through the following steps in the video:
1. Create a Virtual Machine in Virtual Box
1. Download Arch Linux
2. Boot the Image
3. Install Arch Linux on a system on the Virtual Machine
4. Setup a few packages
5. Setup netctl for networking and an internet connection

00:00 Intro
00:10 Creating a VM in Vbox
02:56 Changing VM Settings
04:02 Download Arch Linux Image
04:45 Loading a Disk File Image
05:34 Starting the Arch Install
12:10 Installing Base Packages of Arch
18:00 Create User and Install Packages
21:19 Boot Loader Installation
23:30 Booting into our new Arch Linux System
24:40 Setup Networking on Arch Linux
26:10 Post Install Information 
27:10 Installing our first Package
27:42 Share with Someone Outro

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How to Maintain VM VirtualBox Using Windows 10 and Linux For Beginners

Virtual Machine Maintenance with VirtualBox on my Windows 10 setup. Working on setting up a New Arch Linux install for a project I'll be working on. Planning on making the Arch Linux Virtual Machine setup as minimal as possible so that I can reuse it in the future.

Arch Linux is an independent Linux distribution that comes with a minimal setup and allows you to tailor the system to your needs. That means you can install whatever window manager or desktop environment you want and mainly to start everything on Arch Linux is done through the Command Line Interface. This is what makes it so minimal because you could technically run everything from just the terminal. Without installing anything else on Arch Linux now this might make it harder to interact with Linux, but it sets you up with learning about the internals.Arch Linux focuses on supplying you with the latest development and releases in Linux.

Arch Linux also supplies a minimal system and environment for you to be able to use Linux and also so you can build around that system to tailor to your needs. Setup can be difficult and isn't really suggested to beginners. There's other distros out there like Manjaro that use Arch Linux and maybe better suited for beginners. There is no default Desktop Environment or Window Manager. It's all up for choice. This is the ultimate freedom to do what you want!

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How to Install Linux Mint on VirtualBox on Windows 10

In This video tutorial I am going to show how to install Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon on VirtualBox step by step. More specifically We are going to install Linux Mint 19 “Tara” - Cinnamon (64-bit). In addition I will show How do I install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is a 32- and 64-bit Linux distribution for desktop computers, based on either Ubuntu or Debian.Linux Mint works straight out of the box: everything you need is already there in the distribution, meaning you don’t have to spend time installing additional applications (-unless you want to)
It’s based on Ubuntu, which means that the majority of sofware available for Ubuntu will also work on Mint
It’s community based, which means that any Linux developers out there (-and there are many) can contribute to the codebase. Often, this means fixes are available quicker than distros maintained by companies (-such as Ubuntu and Fedora) - which generally only release updates twice a year.

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How to Install Laravel 8 on Windows 10 Xampp

How to install laravel 8 on windows 10. In this tutorial, i would love to share with you how to install laravel 8 on windows 10.

How to Install Laravel 8 on Windows 10 Xampp

Installing laravel 8 on windows 10 xampp server step by step:

  1. Step 1 – Prerequisiteto Install Composer On Windows
  2. Step 2 – Server Requirements For Laravel 8
  3. Step 3 – Installing Laravel On Windows 10 Xampp
  4. Step 4 – Start Development Server For Laravel 8

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An Overview of Operating Systems: Mac vs. GNU/Linux vs. Windows

1 - Windows
Usually when we buy a system, the default OS is Windows. Many times I saw many people who say that Windows is easy. Let me better understand what they mean!
2 - GNU/Linux
There is a big thing in the GNU/Linux world called freedom and diversity. Torvalds first wrote Linux and then merged with GNU kernels, something Stallman was working on, and later became GNU/Linux. It can be said that everything runs on GNU/Linux! From car, etc. to computers and… 
3 - Mac
But the phrase “Expensive and limited” does not necessarily mean bad… A Gmail app, a web app, a terminal, and other apps, and a fairly clean desktop (which Apple found works for people). For example, if you want a flower to be on top of the desktop, there is one way: you go to Mac and beg them to put flowers on the desktop.

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