Publish CSV Reports using Plotly Dash, Pandas and SQLAlchemy

Publish CSV Reports using Plotly Dash, Pandas and SQLAlchemy

I will show how to build a simple interactive chart with Dash to publish CSV Reports using the tools and libraries

Plotly Dash is a great tool to build Web-based dashboards in Python. It is a great choice for simple interactive charts as well for more complex applications. Look at the official gallery for inspiration.

In this simple example, I assume the following scenario:

  • You have some data, e.g., some reports, in CSV format.
  • These reports are updated periodically, e.g., daily.
  • They are stored persistently in a relational DB.
  • Reports are versioned, i.e., they are identified by the time (or date) they were generated.

I will show how to build a simple interactive chart with Dash using the following tools and libraries:

dash pandas data-visualization dashboard python

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