DBMS Gather Table Stats | #dailyDBA 16

In this episode of daily DBA, I pick up 5 important DBA related questions and give my answers! Do not forget to checkout BONUS QUESTION at the end of the video!

Questions Picked-up For This Episode:

01:17 How to avoid row lock contention?

02:39 #dba Challenge!

03:13 What is Oracle Read consistency?

06:04 Could you please explain about FRA and the errors we usually see while initiating backup through FRA?

12:31 What is buffer cache hit ratio and use of it?

20:10 What will happen internally while gathering table statistics when we execute dbms_stats.gather_table_stats?

Bonus Question
22:53 Which version of the Oracle database would you recommend me to learn whether it is 12c ,11g ,10g,18c 19c?

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DBMS Gather Table Stats | #dailyDBA 16