AWS Snow Family: An Old Solution to a New Problem

AWS Snow Family: An Old Solution to a New Problem

The AWS Snow Family is a group of three products that solved the problem of slow data transfers and edge computing associated with cloud storage. Learn AWS Snow Family: An Old Solution to a New Problem.

When I first heard about AWS Snow Family I thought, “This sounds like a solution my dad would come up with for his computer problems.” It strikes you as an overly simple solution to what seems like a complex problem—companies want to put their data in the cloud for reasons such as costs, scalability, security, troubleshooting, analysis, and automation, but there’s a big bottleneck in the process:

Network technology has not caught up to data collection and storage technology.

The story begins about 10 years ago when many major American corporations began jumping on the data collection bandwagon. They saw companies like Google and Facebook gain huge advantages from the data they were able to collect and they wanted a piece. Therefore, hundreds of companies began collecting large amounts of data and building out their database infrastructure before they even knew what to do with the data.

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