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How to Find a Reliable Backlink Service for Your SEO Clients

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It can take years to build quality backlinks to your website on your own. A lot of new business website owners will want to look for a faster way to start building quality backlinks.

This means they will seek out a backlink service provider that will supply them with backlinks for a certain price.

Reputable backlink service providers will have a network of high-traffic blogs on which they can post your link.

But if they are not reputable, they will likely use black hat software to blast your backlink onto thousands of zero-traffic blogs. This will not only be ineffective, but it will get you blacklisted by Google.

Instead, make sure the backlink service you find is actually a white hat link-building service. But while that is the first step, it is not the only step. There are other factors you must consider when choosing a reliable white hat link-building service.

Below are the top seven factors you should review and understand before investing in such a service.

1. Join an SEO Forum

SEO forums and discussion boards are filled with experts in the area of backlink building.

If you need help finding a reliable backlink service, you can always post your request on the forum and wait for a response.

You may even get a service provider to respond to your request and offer its assistance through the message system.

2. Research Reviews

If you come across a an ethical SEO service and you’re not sure about its reputation, simply perform a Google search for reviews of that company. Just type the company’s name into the search box, followed by “reviews.”

The results should immediately give you links to reviews for that company. If the reviews are good, then you can likely trust it.

Many agencies will sepcialise in one particular industry such as Dental SEO and marketing, Trade businesses, health, medicine and others. Try nad find an SEO service that specailizes in the industry you want ot serve.

3. Check the Page Rank

When you look for a reliable backlink service, you should make sure it is an established business that has been around for a while.

This means searching the page rank of the domain to see how it ranks in Google. Just go to a site like PRChecker.info and search the address of the website. Your website will be ranked on a scale from 0 to 9. Anything over 5 is reliable.

4. Don’t be too Cheap

A quality backlink service provider isn’t going to be cheap. If you come across one that charges $5 for 1,000-plus backlinks, run away quickly.

If you’re getting that many for $5, they can’t be quality backlinks. It is better to pay per backlink because it will give you the chance to research the website your link is being posted on.

A reliable provider should provide this information to you.

5. Get Clarification on the Backlink Page

Make sure you understand exactly what the service provider is going to do for you. For example, it may claim that it will put your backlink on a PR 8 website, which would be great for your own ranking if this happened.

The only problem is it would have to go on the actual home page that has a high DA or DR score. Most of the time, the link will be placed in a subdirectory or subpage of the website that doesn’t have a high domain authority.

That is not the same thing, and it won’t be effective for your ranking. So, get clarification on which page the link is going on.

6. Check Complaints

Check to see if the service provider has any complaints filed against it.

To do so, find out the location of the provider and search its local government’s consumer services website for information on the company. If it’s in Australia, for example, you could check with the your local Competition and Consumer Commission.

If it’s in the United States, you could check with the Better Business Bureau, state attorney general’s office, or the Federal Trade Commission.

7. Business Registration

Make sure the business is actually registered with the state and/or country from which it hails. If there is no business entity associated with the service provider, then it could be anybody running the business.

To establish trust, the business must be registered and possibly even licensed in some cases. This will give you additional protections under the law in case there ends up being a problem down the road.

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