Editing and Previewing Markdown In Vue.js

Editing and Previewing Markdown In Vue.js

Editing and Previewing Markdown In Vue.js. A Vue.js Component for editing and previewing markdown using Vuetify.js and command line rendering utility.

A Vue.js Component for editing and previewing markdown using Vuetify.js and command line rendering utility.


npm install vuetify-markdown-editor

Since this component is based on Vuetify, it is required to install and configure Vuetify. For installing Vuetify, please visit https://vuetifyjs.com/en/getting-started/quick-start.

Command line utility

This package also provides a command line utility to render markdown files.

Install globally:

npm install -g vuetify-markdown-editor

Or install locally and use npx to run:

npm install vuetify-markdown-editor
npx render-cli input.md [output.html]


render-cli input.md [output.html]

To use the rendered html, remember to add css files for Katex and highlight.js:

    href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/dist/katex.min.css"


  • Solo and inline mode
  • Editor-only and Editor-Preview mode
  • Code highlighting
  • Emoji picking
  • Math formula (use \\[ and \\] for formula block, and \\( and \\) for inline formula)
  • Image uploading and previewing (to use uploaded image in markdown, use the filename as the link)


This package can be used in Node.js module:


import { Editor } from 'vuetify-markdown-editor';

export default {
  name: 'app',
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
      text: ''
  mounted() {
    // Access properties or methods using $refs
    // this.$refs.editor.upload();

    // Dark theme
    //this.$vuetify.theme.dark = true;


Prop Default Description
value '' String that binds to the textarea
mode 'Rendered' When set to 'Source', the preview will display html source code
outline false The border will be outlined instead of card style
color undefined The outline and icon's color
preview true Add the responsive preview
nativeEmoji false Use native emoji instead of pictures
emoji true Enable emoji input
image true Enable image upload
hint '' Add description at the bottom
fileTarget / Image upload target uri
fileFilter file => file.type.startsWith('image') Allow only specific files. Return true to allow, false to reject


Method Description
upload() Start or resume uploading all files in list
pause() Pause uploading
resume() Resume uploading
focus() Focus on the editor


Property Description
files Get all files in list in FlowFile format


Clone this repository, and then run:

npm install
npm run serve

Then open http://localhost:8080 in browser to test.


Solo mode: <Editor v-model="text" />

This is image title

Outline mode: <Editor outline v-model="text" />

This is image title

Dark mode: this.$vuetify.theme.dark = true;

This is image title


This is image title




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