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A simple Vue Two Channel Color Picker

@adrianjost/two-channel-picker. A simple two channel Color Picker


I needed an intuitive color picker to control my warm-white-cold-white (WWCW) LED Strips with the SmartLight Project.

two channel picker screenshot

The picker value is therefore indepent from the displayed color. The given value is a number between 0 and 1 for each of the two channels. The brightness can be determined by dragging the slider along the Y-axis. Dragging along the X-axis changes the relationship between the two channels.

two channel picker values


As a native Web Component

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@adrianjost/two-channel-picker@0.3.1/dist/wc/two-channel-picker.min.js"></script>

<div style="width: 300px; height: 300px;">
		options='{"colorLeft": "#f00", "colorRight": "#00f" }'

	document.getElementById("picker").addEventListener("input", (event) => {

please note, that you may need to adjust the version number in the url.

with VueJS

Install the package:

npm i @adrianjost/two-channel-picker


yarn add @adrianjost/two-channel-picker

In your App:

			colorLeft: '#fd9',
			colorRight: '#9df',
			marker: {
				radius: 16,
				borderWidth: 2,

import TwoChannelPicker from "@adrianjost/two-channel-picker";

export default {
	components: {
	data() {
		return {
			channels: [0, 1],


The package also includes some helper methods. You can access them by importing the according js files. Please use the JSDoc comments to learn how to use them.

import {
} from "@adrianjost/two-channel-picker/dist/helpers/channelColor.js";
import {
} from "@adrianjost/two-channel-picker/dist/helpers/colorConversion.js";



You can customize the picker with the following props/attributes.

When using the lib as a web component you must provide all attributes JSON.stringify()-ed.

attribute type default value description
value / v-model Array, String [1,0] the current channel values, if provided as a String, this must be JSON.parse()-able
options Object {} all your config goes in here


Available Attributes in the options prop:

attribute type default value description
readOnly Boolean false should the user be able to move the marker?
colorLeft String #fd9 the color in the top left corner. Must be in the HEX Format with 3 or 6 digits.
colorRight String #fd9 the color in the top right corner. Must be in the HEX Format with 3 or 6 digits.
marker.borderWidth Number 2 The border width of the active marker in px.
marker.radius Number 16 The border radius including the borderWidth in px.

You need more options? Please open an issue and I will do my best to implement it. Pull Requests are also welcome!

Download Details:

Author: adrianjost

Live Demo:

GitHub: https://github.com/adrianjost/two-channel-picker

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A simple Vue Two Channel Color Picker
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Luna Mosciski


8 Popular Websites That Use The Vue.JS Framework

In this article, we are going to list out the most popular websites using Vue JS as their frontend framework.

Vue JS is one of those elite progressive JavaScript frameworks that has huge demand in the web development industry. Many popular websites are developed using Vue in their frontend development because of its imperative features.

This framework was created by Evan You and still it is maintained by his private team members. Vue is of course an open-source framework which is based on MVVM concept (Model-view view-Model) and used extensively in building sublime user-interfaces and also considered a prime choice for developing single-page heavy applications.

Released in February 2014, Vue JS has gained 64,828 stars on Github, making it very popular in recent times.

Evan used Angular JS on many operations while working for Google and integrated many features in Vue to cover the flaws of Angular.

“I figured, what if I could just extract the part that I really liked about Angular and build something really lightweight." - Evan You

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A Vue Picker Component of The Mobile Terminal

A picker component for vue2.0

After walking around GitHub, I didn’t find the vue-picker component of the mobile terminal I wanted. So I started, took one out and felt the effect.

A picker component


npm install vue-pickers --save or yarn add vue-pickers


    <button @click="show">show picker</button>
    <VuePicker :data="pickData"

  import VuePicker from 'vue-pickers'
  var tdata = []
  for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
      label: 'The' + i + 'row',
      value: i
  export default {
    components: {
    data () {
      return {
        pickerVisible: false,
        pickData: [
        result: ''
    methods: {
      show () {
        this.pickerVisible = true
      cancel () {
        this.result = 'click cancel result: null'
      confirm (res) {
        this.result = JSON.stringify(res)


Attribute Description require Type Default
visible show/hide picker yes Boolean false
data pickerData,colums[data1, data2] yes Array []
layer linkage column no Number 0
link open linkage data no Boolean false
defaultIndex default index no Number/Array(for more colums)
cancelText cancel text no String ‘取消’
confirmText confirm text no String ‘确认’
title picker title no String ‘’
showToolbar show toolbar no Boolean false
maskClick click mask no Boolean false


Event Name Description require Type Default
change select change no function(val) -
cancel cancel button click no function -
confirm confirm button click no function(val) -


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Rodney Vg

Rodney Vg


10 Vue Color Component for Your App

Vue Color component allows you to pick colors either by selecting them from the color palette container or by adjusting the hue and opacity.

1. Perfect Colour

How good is your eye? How accurate can you identify a colour?

This website challenges you to identify a colour’s RGB ratio.

Perfect Colour



2. Kalimah Gradients

This generator is yet another attempt to create a user friendly, ease to use gradient generator. It includes 500+ presets and you have control over almost all gradient features such colors, size, shape, type and even multiple gradients. The generator is created using Vue.js and various plugins and tools. Please click on info button for more information about the tool and how to use it.

Kalimah Gradients


3. vue-colorpicker

Colorpicker of Vue Components




4. ResisColor

⚡ A resistor color practice website develop by Vue.js.




5. LinearGradient

A randomly generated collection of about 200 Linear Gradients.



6. Vue Color Picker Wheel

A Vue color picker component based on the Farbtastic jQuery Color Picker plug-in

Vue Color Picker Wheel



7. v-color

Chrome-flavored color picker in Vue.js.




8. uiGradients

uiGradients is a community contributed collection of beautiful multi-color gradients. This is an effort to give back to the community, by the community. Hopefully this will help you draw inspiration and serve as a resource for picking gradients for your own projects.




9. Verte

Vue.js color picker component.




10. Pantone Color Search

Pantone Colors(Click to copy to clipboard)

PANTONE Color design by Vue.js and Clipboard.js

Pantone Color Search


Thank for read!

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Teresa  Bosco

Teresa Bosco


Vue File Upload Using vue-dropzone Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to upload a file in Vue using vue-dropzone library. For this example, I am using Vue.js 3.0. First, we will install the Vue.js using Vue CLI, and then we install the vue-dropzone library. Then configure it, and we are ready to accept the file. DropzoneJS is an open source library that provides drag and drops file uploads with image previews. DropzoneJS is lightweight doesn’t depend on any other library (like jQuery) and is  highly customizable. The  vue-dropzone is a vue component implemented on top of Dropzone.js. Let us start Vue File Upload Using vue-dropzone Tutorial.

Vue File Upload Using vue-dropzone

First, install the Vue using Vue CLI.

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Aria Barnes

Aria Barnes


Why is Vue JS the most Preferred Choice for Responsive Web Application Development?

For more than two decades, JavaScript has facilitated businesses to develop responsive web applications for their customers. Used both client and server-side, JavaScript enables you to bring dynamics to pages through expanded functionality and real-time modifications.

Did you know!

According to a web development survey 2020, JavaScript is the most used language for the 8th year, with 67.7% of people choosing it. With this came up several javascript frameworks for frontend, backend development, or even testing.

And one such framework is Vue.Js. It is used to build simple projects and can also be advanced to create sophisticated apps using state-of-the-art tools. Beyond that, some other solid reasons give Vuejs a thumbs up for responsive web application development.

Want to know them? Then follow this blog until the end. Through this article, I will describe all the reasons and benefits of Vue js development. So, stay tuned.

Vue.Js - A Brief Introduction

Released in the year 2014 for public use, Vue.Js is an open-source JavaScript framework used to create UIs and single-page applications. It has over 77.4 million likes on Github for creating intuitive web interfaces.

The recent version is Vue.js 2.6, and is the second most preferred framework according to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019.

Every Vue.js development company is widely using the framework across the world for responsive web application development. It is centered around the view layer, provides a lot of functionality for the view layer, and builds single-page web applications.

Some most astonishing stats about Vue.Js:

• Vue was ranked #2 in the Front End JavaScript Framework rankings in the State of JS 2019 survey by developers.

• Approximately 427k to 693k sites are built with Vue js, according to Wappalyzer and BuiltWith statistics of June 2020.

• According to the State of JS 2019 survey, 40.5% of JavaScript developers are currently using Vue, while 34.5% have shown keen interest in using it in the future.

• In Stack Overflow's Developer Survey 2020, Vue was ranked the 3rd most popular front-end JavaScript framework.

Why is Vue.Js so popular?

• High-speed run-time performance
• Vue.Js uses a virtual DOM.
• The main focus is on the core library, while the collaborating libraries handle other features such as global state management and routing.
• Vue.JS provides responsive visual components.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Vue JS for Web Application Development

Vue js development has certain benefits, which will encourage you to use it in your projects. For example, Vue.js is similar to Angular and React in many aspects, and it continues to enjoy increasing popularity compared to other frameworks.

The framework is only 20 kilobytes in size, making it easy for you to download files instantly. Vue.js easily beats other frameworks when it comes to loading times and usage.

Take a look at the compelling advantages of using Vue.Js for web app development.

#1 Simple Integration

Vue.Js is popular because it allows you to integrate Vue.js into other frameworks such as React, enabling you to customize the project as per your needs and requirements.

It helps you build apps with Vue.js from scratch and introduce Vue.js elements into their existing apps. Due to its ease of integration, Vue.js is becoming a popular choice for web development as it can be used with various existing web applications.

You can feel free to include Vue.js CDN and start using it. Most third-party Vue components and libraries are additionally accessible and supported with the Vue.js CDN.

You don't need to set up node and npm to start using Vue.js. This implies that it helps develop new web applications, just like modifying previous applications.

The diversity of components allows you to create different types of web applications and replace existing frameworks. In addition, you can also choose to hire Vue js developers to use the technology to experiment with many other JavaScript applications.

#2 Easy to Understand

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of Vue.Js is that the framework is straightforward to understand for individuals. This means that you can easily add Vue.Js to your web projects.

Also, Vue.Js has a well-defined architecture for storing your data with life-cycle and custom methods. Vue.Js also provides additional features such as watchers, directives, and computed properties, making it extremely easy to build modern apps and web applications with ease.

Another significant advantage of using the Vue.Js framework is that it makes it easy to build small and large-scale web applications in the shortest amount of time.

#3 Well-defined Ecosystem

The VueJS ecosystem is vibrant and well-defined, allowing Vue.Js development company to switch users to VueJS over other frameworks for web app development.

Without spending hours, you can easily find solutions to your problems. Furthermore, VueJs lets you choose only the building blocks you need.

Although the main focus of Vue is the view layer, with the help of Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, Vuex, and Vue CLI, you can find solutions and recommendations for frequently occurring problems.

The problems fall into these categories, and hence it becomes easy for programmers to get started with coding right away and not waste time figuring out how to use these tools.

The Vue ecosystem is easy to customize and scales between a library and a framework. Compared to other frameworks, its development speed is excellent, and it can also integrate different projects. This is the reason why most website development companies also prefer the Vue.Js ecosystem over others.

#4 Flexibility

Another benefit of going with Vue.Js for web app development needs is flexibility. Vue.Js provides an excellent level of flexibility. And makes it easier for web app development companies to write their templates in HTML, JavaScript, or pure JavaScript using virtual nodes.

Another significant benefit of using Vue.Js is that it makes it easier for developers to work with tools like templating engines, CSS preprocessors, and type checking tools like TypeScript.

#5 Two-Way Communication

Vue.Js is an excellent option for you because it encourages two-way communication. This has become possible with the MVVM architecture to handle HTML blocks. In this way, Vue.Js is very similar to Angular.Js, making it easier to handle HTML blocks as well.

With Vue.Js, two-way data binding is straightforward. This means that any changes made by the developer to the UI are passed to the data, and the changes made to the data are reflected in the UI.

This is also one reason why Vue.Js is also known as reactive because it can react to changes made to the data. This sets it apart from other libraries such as React.Js, which are designed to support only one-way communication.

#6 Detailed Documentation

One essential thing is well-defined documentation that helps you understand the required mechanism and build your application with ease. It shows all the options offered by the framework and related best practice examples.

Vue has excellent docs, and its API references are one of the best in the industry. They are well written, clear, and accessible in dealing with everything you need to know to build a Vue application.

Besides, the documentation at Vue.js is constantly improved and updated. It also includes a simple introductory guide and an excellent overview of the API. Perhaps, this is one of the most detailed documentation available for this type of language.

#7 Large Community Support

Support for the platform is impressive. In 2018, support continued to impress as every question was answered diligently. Over 6,200 problems were solved with an average resolution time of just six hours.

To support the community, there are frequent release cycles of updated information. Furthermore, the community continues to grow and develop with backend support from developers.

Wrapping Up

VueJS is an incredible choice for responsive web app development. Since it is lightweight and user-friendly, it builds a fast and integrated web application. The capabilities and potential of VueJS for web app development are extensive.

While Vuejs is simple to get started with, using it to build scalable web apps requires professionalism. Hence, you can approach a top Vue js development company in India to develop high-performing web apps.

Equipped with all the above features, it doesn't matter whether you want to build a small concept app or a full-fledged web app; Vue.Js is the most performant you can rely on.

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