How To Install PHP 8.0 on Debian 10 / Debian 9

PHP is an open-source programming language used for web development, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is an HTML-embedded scripting language for creating dynamic websites such as blogs, internet forums, e-commerce portals, etc.

In this post, we will see how to install PHP 8.0 on  Debian 10 /  Debian 9.

Add PHP Repository

SURY, a third-party repository that offers PHP 8.0/7.x for the Debian operating system. Update the repository cache.

sudo apt update

Install the below packages.

sudo apt install -y curl wget gnupg2 ca-certificates lsb-release apt-transport-https

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How To Install PHP 8.0 on Debian 10 / Debian 9

How To Install PHP 8.0 on Debian 10 / Debian 9

PHP is an open-source programming language used for web development, created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is an HTML-embedded scripting language for creating dynamic websites such as blogs, internet forums, e-commerce portals, etc.

In this post, we will see how to install PHP 8.0 on  Debian 10 /  Debian 9.

Add PHP Repository

SURY, a third-party repository that offers PHP 8.0/7.x for the Debian operating system. Update the repository cache.

sudo apt update

Install the below packages.

sudo apt install -y curl wget gnupg2 ca-certificates lsb-release apt-transport-https

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Top 10 Web Design Companies in Miami-2021


There are many web design agencies around the world that can help you build a great business website. But we help you to find the best out of all. Know how you can approach the best Miami web design firms, so that you know what people expect out of your business website.

It’s time for you to evaluate different web design agencies for your business. To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the top web design companies in Miami.

We have best searched for the firms that stand out of the crowd and deliver the best for their client’s not only in terms of work, but keeping in mind the time, efficiency and quality of work.


#1 Webforest Agency

#2 Fuzeinc

#3 Gohooper

#4 On The Map Marketing

#5 Webdesign Miami

#6 Final Webdesign

#7 Web Designer Express

#8 Pop creative

#9 CV Digital marketing

#10 Lucid Digital LLC





#1 Webforest Agency

Location: Miami, India, Paris

Google Star Rating: 4.8


Webforest is a web design and development agency, creating websites with strategy and technology that covers a wide range of platforms. Our capabilities are focused on making your brand prominent and dynamic. Best web design agency Miami, We Live, Breathe and Work in INDIA.

7 Years. 500+ Projects Completed. Working with 15+ Overseas Web Agencies. After years of experience in the digital space, we've produced cutting-edge & versatile digital solutions for different agencies with their tools. Of Course with their time zone!












#2 Fuzeinc

Location: Miami

Google Star Rating: 4.6


We are a diverse and passionate team of designers, developers, branding experts, copywriters, marketers & more. It is hard to put us in a box, but one thing we all have in common is a drive to produce amazing work that takes our clients to new heights. Best in web design company in Miami.












#3 Gohooper

Location: Miami, Nashville

Google Star Rating: 4.5


Go Hooper Web Design was founded in 2006 by John Hooper and his best friend and soul mate Jessica Hooper. John was introduced to programming and development when he was 12 yrs. old (that's when 3.5 inch floppy disks were a big deal). 

Years later when he envisioned having a web agency, it was only a natural progression. At first the business was formed more out of necessity because of the typical run-around that webmaster's give their clients. 

He couldn't stand all the technical jargon and complexity that the average web design company in Miami was creating, leaving clients frustrated and in the dark. So in order to solve this problem he started GoHooper Web Design where the objective was to make everything transparent and understandable from the get go. website design in Miami






#4 On The Map Marketing

Location: Miami Office, Raleigh Office, Los Angeles Office, Tampa Office, New York Office, Riga Office

Google Star Rating: 4.3


On The Map Marketing is located in beautiful downtown Miami. The team is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients, with over 50 people filling the conference rooms, offices and sales floors. Best in Miami web design firms

Each person is important to us because we wouldn't be here without our clients. Each business is important because it's the passion of business owners that gives us our motivation and direction when building their online presence. website design in Miami Finally, each dollar is important because we know that John Wanamaker nailed it when he said: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; trouble is I don't know which half."









#5 Webdesign Miami

Location: Miami

Google Star Rating: 4.9


website design in Miami, a subsidiary of Silva Heeren, a graphic design and Miami web design firms with over 20 years of professional experience, provides customized website design and development to the Miami area businesses and professionals.

We have been successfully developing websites and eCommerce  web design company in Miami for small businesses and start-up companies since the year 1998. If you are starting up your new business or if you have had your company for many years, we can help you create your business website and improve your online presence.










#6 Final Webdesign

Location: Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Google Star Rating: 4.9


Final Web Design was founded by a leading marketing and sales director, along with an experienced e-commerce CEO and engineer. Combined, they have over 25 years of experience in the constantly changing and evolving industry of web development and inbound marketing. Since its incorporation, the company has grown to include expert programmers, coders, content writers, and an accredited Google Partners online marketing team. Top website design in Miami.











#7 Webdesigner Express

Location: Miami, 

Google Star Rating: 4.9


When Web Designer Express and GCT were founded, they were created with the ideal that every business should be able to have their own website. Now more than ever, the internet is an indispensable tool for all kinds of business. 

Providing you tangible benefits such as increased bottom line, accelerated marketing campaigns and allowing you to give your customers instantaneous feedback, while also providing more intangible services - presence, style and professional standing- to you and your clientele. web design agency Miami










#8 Popcreative

Location: Miami

Google Star Rating: 4.9


pop creative is a Miami, FL based web design agency Miami that partners with small businesses, home service providers, medical organizations and national franchises to create innovative digital experiences, smart websites and aggressive digital marketing campaigns.

As a Google partner agency we pride ourselves in implementing cutting edge technology into all our projects complimented with world class service, communication and results.

POP Creative is led by an experienced and proven team of internet marketing gurus, brand designers, multimedia developers and wordsmiths. Together our tight knit and bold team dives into your business to establish a killer digital brand and unleash your growth potential. web design company in Miami.









#9 CV Digitalmarketing

Location: Miami, Medellín

Google Star Rating: 4.8


We want you to fall in love with the digital world and see its unlimited benefits. TOGETHER, we'll find the strategy your business needs to reach the right audience and create an effective bond between your brand and the customer. Best website design in Miami

To achieve success, we analyze your company’s current situation in order to position ourselves at the key moment, so not to fail. We design the right strategy that best suits your needs and start to connect with the people who require your products or services. 

At CV Digital web design agency Miamiy we not only sell services, but also offer real online solutions so that together help your business grows.









#10 Lucid Digital LLC

Location: Miami

Google Star Rating: 4.5


Since 2011 we have been helping companies all over the world succeed online. We started building simple websites and have expanded our team to have the ability to build complex, database driven websites and mobile applications along with powerful digital marketing to companies of all sizes. Bets Miami web design firms.


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TheMovid Cinematic Review & OTO

Hey and welcome to my TheMovid Cinematic Review. I’m Darius from where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

In this blog post you will find everything you need to know about TheMovid Cinematic. What is it, pricing, oto’s, demo video and my bonuses. My goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money.

TheMovid Cinematic is brought to you by Arifianto Rahardi, also the creator of Inovavid Business, The Movide 1, 2, 3, Ultima Slides, Smartivid and many other high quality software products.

So the big question is, is TheMovid Cinematic really worth your money? I’ll tell you if it ticks all the boxes, and if it does, I’ll give you some awesome complimentary bonuses you can only get from me today.

In a nutshell, TheMovid Cinematic is a collection of cinematic video animation templates plus many more design assets that you can design and edit with PowerPoint and the end result to be Hollywood style videos. But more on this down below.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, stick with me as I will show you more during this article including the pricing and upsells and also my demo video. I also put together some cool bonuses for you if you decide to buy TheMovid Cinematic through my link, free as part of your purchase.

TheMovid Cinematic Overview

Creator Arifianto Rahardi
Product TheMovid Cinematic
Launch Date 2021-Sep-04
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $19
Bonus page:
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Niche Video
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

Videos now dominate the internet for both entertainment and consumer information. You can show off your product or service to everyone who wants to know your business. All the signs suggest that usage and spend are on course to continue their growth in 2021.

More than 99% of current video marketers told that they’ll continue using video in 2021, and 96% plan to increase or maintain their spending. Again, up slightly from 95% last year.

Video Content is one of the most promotional strategies on your social media platforms. All business sectors move using video content because videos are critical to present the best their product or business.

All entrepreneurs like you find research on the internet to get the biggest traffic source and provide value to potential customers in the world.

But now, you need something fresh to deliver a short message clearly and effectively with high-quality videos. With TheMovid Cinematic you can create high-quality videos like a Hollywood-Style in minutes.

Now let’s jump into the next section of my TheMovid Cinematic Review to find out what exactly TheMovid Cinematic is and how it can help you and your business.

What Is TheMovid Cinematic?

TheMovid Cinematic is a collection of eye catching and high quality video movie style templates that you can design and edit with PowerPoint, without additional complicated video software.

There is also no additional plugin needed, no skills required, and no need to buy extra assets. It is an all-in-one template to transform your PowerPoint into the best videos for your social media content & business.

These DFY templates are ready-to-use and newbie-friendly, so you only need to edit and replace the text. Basically very easy to use and anyone can do it.

Within minutes, you can easily create the most advanced videos that reflect your brand and products to look cinematic and Hollywood-style to boos engagement and conversions on social media.

TheMovid Cinematic includes hundreds of Movie Style Video, Video Ads, Opener Video, End Screen, Lower Third Animations, Transitions Animations, Animated Typography, Youtube Cover, Thumbnail Designs, Reviews, Tips or Teaser Videos.

And you also have the option to pick up the commercial license so you can start working as a professional video creator and sell your video creation services through your website or social media or on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and much more!

In short, this option allows you to use TheMovid Cinematic to make money. You could even have people share their logos and you turn it into a video for them for a fee!

Now let’s jump into the next section of my TheMovid Cinematic Review to find out how TheMovid Cinematic works.

How TheMovid Cinematic Works?

Step 1: Choose Templates

Select and open any of the amazing animated videos templates from a huge spectacular video templates to create great video content.

Step 2: Customize

Create your unique masterpiece by easily customising your video footage, image, and/or audio background, text, or shape colour in the templates to your project needs.

Step 3: Export/Render

You can save and export your finalised video project in 4K, or high definition video files. You will never believe you made it all by yourself!

Now let’s jump into the next section of my TheMovid Cinematic Review to find out more about TheMovid Cinematic features and benefits.

TheMovid Cinematic Review: Features & Benefits

High-Quality Ready-To-Use Templates: Huge collections from all the hottest topics video template series. You will also definitely get the best quality templates along with unique, fresh, and creative animation to create social media content.

Customize Everything: Only use PowerPoint to change an image, video, and/or audio, text, or customise colour in your chosen template. Easy to use and done in minutes, without need for any advanced or pro design skill.

Powerful Colour: Your video will get people jealous because your video looks like made by professionals using a colouring video.

Stop Trying from Scratch: Stop wasting your time and money trying to create high-quality video and graphic designs. You only need to edit & replace!

Copyright-Free Video, Image Library: Include all images and videos in TheMovid Cinematic. You can use them for your projects!

Music Included: All templates in TheMovid Cinematic include no copyright music, so you don’t need to buy extra additional music.

Unlimited to Access: No limits, restrictions or monthly fees.

Videos For All Marketing Goals: Movie style video, video ads, intro, outro, or any other type of video and graphics inside one package.

Now let’s jump into the next section of my TheMovid Cinematic Review to find out more about TheMovid Cinematic pricing and upsells.

TheMovid Cinematic Review: Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software TheMovid Cinematic which will cost you $19 respectively $27. For the front end offer the price you see now is available only during the launch period.

After the launch, which ends on the 8th of September 2021, price will increase or will go as monthly payments. I’m not quite sure but you can always click here for current pricing.

Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited. So if you want to get full access to this software and go unlimited then pick up OTO 1! Okay, now let’s have a look at the upsells or OTO’s.

Front End Offer: TheMovid Cinematic $19 — $27 one time

  • Module #1: movie style video — 10 templates
  • Module #2: video ads — 10 templates
  • Module #3: opener video — 10 templates
  • Module #4: end screen video — 10 templates
  • Module #5: lower third animations — 24 templates
  • Module #6: callout animations — 24 templates
  • Module #7: transition animations — 20 templates
  • Module #8: animated typography — 24 templates
  • Module #9: youtube cover designs — 20 templates
  • Module #10: thumbnail designs — 21 templates

Total 170+ templates plus commercial license included.

OTO 1: TheMovid Cinematic PRO Version $35

  • Module #1: movie style video — 20 new templates
  • Module #2: video ads — 20 new templates
  • Module #3: opener video — 20 new templates
  • Module #4: end screen video — 20 new templates
  • Module #5: lower third animations — 36 new templates
  • Module #6: callout animations — 36 new templates
  • Module #7: transition animations — 40 new templates
  • Module #8: animated typography — 36 new templates
  • Module #9: youtube cover designs — 40 new templates
  • Module #10: thumbnail designs — 39 new templates

Total 300+ new templates.

OTO 2: TheMovid Special Series Exclusive Bundle $47

  • Movie style video — 22 templates
  • Facebook cover video — 20 templates
  • Square video promotion — 24 templates
  • Vertical video promotion — 22 templates
  • Intro video animation — 16 templates
  • Outro video animation — 20 templates
  • Youtube notification animation — 18 templates
  • Instagram banner — 60 designs
  • Premium flyer/poster — 50 designs
  • Name card — 80 designs
  • Roll-up banner — 40 designs
  • Commercial license to all templates

OTO 3: Premium DFY Video & Graphic Templates $49

  • Movie style video — 30 templates
  • Explainer video — 30 templates
  • Video promotion — 18 templates
  • Instagram video animations — 18 templates
  • Social story video animations — 30 templates
  • Facebook cover video — 20 templates
  • Instagram banner — 30 designs
  • Premium flyer/poster — 30 designs
  • Commercial license to all templates

OTO 4: Super Complete Marketing Kit Collections $69

  • Movie style video animations — 26 templates
  • Corporate video animations — 26 templates
  • Square video animations — 26 templates
  • Vertical video animations — 26 templates
  • Intro video animations — 26 templates
  • Outro video animations — 26 templates
  • Square banner ads — 45 designs
  • Vertical banner ads — 45 designs
  • Carousel — 100 designs
  • Premium flyer/poster — 30 designs
  • Youtube thumbnail — 50 designs
  • Commercial license

TheMovid Cinematic Review: Conclusion

From now you can stop wasting your time and money trying to create high-quality videos!

TheMovid Cinematic saves you countless hours and thousands of dollars on your business, and also allows you to create engaging and high-quality videos for your business every time without much effort.

Plus, there’s no monthly fees involved.

I hope you find my TheMovid Cinematic Review helpful. If this is a product that you’re interested in picking up then click the buttons on this page and get TheMovid Cinematic with my free bonuses.

Grab your TheMovid Cinematic license now completely risk free. Your investment is covered by the no hassle, money back guarantee.

TheMovid Cinematic Review: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit it? And what about compatibility?

You need to use PowerPoint to edit the templates. Simply open your PowerPoint software, click and replace with your own content. Unfortunately, regarding the compatibility, TheMovid Cinematic Templates won’t work with Keynote, this will work only with PowerPoint. Works best with PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.
If you want to work best with export video, you need at least PowerPoint 2016/2013. PowerPoint 2010 and 2007 still works for graphics, but for videos, some effects, transition, motion, and layout will not work perfectly. If you’re a Mac user, you need to know that PowerPoint for Mac is not as good as PowerPoint for Windows, Because PowerPoint for Mac can’t set the time for rendering. And still good in graphic design.

Are there any more Upsells or Offers?

Yes. After purchase the main offer, you can upgrade your purchase to the pro version. Where you’ll get more extreme package. Plus extra bundle templates and extra exclusive bonus. So, you can start to make money from creating video animation and graphic service for your big client with developer license!

What is my License?

You’ll get commercial/developer license, and you can use it on unlimited projects. You’re allowed to :
[YES] Unlimited use your projects/clients projects
[YES] Unlimited web your projects/clients projects;
[NO] RE-SELL in anyway
[NO] Can’t use for give anyway
P.S. You can resell the videos that you make using our TheMovid Cinematic, but can not re-sell the templates/assets. Make Movie Style Video, Video Ads & more for your clients and charge them hefty fees! This will not only cover your cost for our services but also make you a solid profit.

How do I download it?

After payment done, you’ll be redirected to the members area. They’ll also instantly send you email registration right after your purchase.

Thank you for reading my TheMovid Cinematic Review. I’ll catch you up in my next review article. Bye for now!



Hunter  Krajcik

Hunter Krajcik


How to Install PHP 8 on Ubuntu 20.04

PHP is an acronym of “Hypertext Preprocessor” is a scripting language widely used for developing web applications. It is the server side scripting language that is embedded in HTML. Which is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking, even build entire e-commerce websites.

PHP 8.0 is the latest stable version available for production use. The debian packages for PHP 8 is available under  ppa:ondrej/php PPA for Ubuntu systems.

This tutorial will help you to install PHP 8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal system.

Step 1 – Installing PHP 8 on Ubuntu

Use the following commands to add PPA and install PHP 8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

  1. Enable PPA – Use the following command
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php 
  1. Update cache – After enabling apt repository, update cache on your system.
sudo apt update 
  1. Installing PHP – Next, install the PHP 8.0 on Ubuntu system.
sudo apt install php8.0 
  1. Press ‘Y’ for any confirmation asked by the installer.

Once completed above commands, you have successfully installed PHP 8.0 on Ubuntu system.

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Servo Node

Servo Node


How To Install GIMP On Debian 9/10 › Servo Node

GIMP is a highly renown open-source image editing application that is available for cross platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and more other operating systems. The best part of this application is, developers can change its source codes and distribute the changes to more users as well. For normal users, it offers a wide range of simple and advanced features to manipulate with any image format. Also, it can be used as an image renderer or image format converter.

Steps to install GIMP on Debian Linux versions

Step 1: Update system cache and package index

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Snap and Core dependencies

sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install core

Step 3: Install GIMP Photo Editor

sudo snap install gimp

Step 4: Launching GIMP on Debian


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